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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

MONSTER Mikes SST Hill Climb October 10-16


SST Hill Climb Kick-Off! ON THE BEACH!

October 8, 2016 

Drive Your Truck ON THE BEACH

First Time Ever in So-Cal USA!

MONSTER Mikes Hill Climb Presents! The First-Ever Hill Climb Race on Legendary Mike’s Sky Rancho To Bring World Class Racers to 
Baja Mexico, October 2016!

WIN TRAVEL for 2 to the Hill Climb! on

The Original Reporting>>> 

Hill Climb Week festivities will start Saturday October 8, ON THE BEACH in SoCal, 

the MONSTER Mike's Hill Climb Kick-Off Officially crushes all other events with the First Time Ever, Truck event! 
Drive Your F-ing Truck ON THE BEACH!

On Sunday October 9, MONSTER Mike's Hill Climb SPECIALS continue with the OFF-ROAD LIVE! Fans ON THE TRAIL! For those who don't cross the border- The San Diego Off-Road Club ROCKS ON THE TRAIL all day Sunday.

Monday October 10, The Hill Climb launches ONLINE on OFF-ROAD LIVE! from San Diego, The Gateway To Baja-Mexico! 4PM West, 7 East.

In Ensenada, at the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center, in the heart of Ensenada, will be the site of many of the activities surrounding the Mike’s Peak Hill Climb Challenge. Racer registration, Media registration and mandatory pre-race meeting will all be held at the Riviera on Wednesday, October 12.
On Wednesday October 12, the daylong, pre-race Manufacturer’s Midway and contingency/tech festival will run in front of the Riviera del Pacifico Center in Ensenada. 

Wednesday night, ONLINE on  
MONSTER Mike's GARAGE runs from 5PM to 11PM.

Racers will move out 52 miles east of Ensenada on Hwy 3 in close proximity towards San Felipe Valley and Trinidad where numerous 30’ x 70’ camp spots will await competitors arrival for set up.

Shortly after sunrise Thursday morning October 13, competitors will all have their first opportunity to tackle the course up the challenging hill to Mike’s Sky Rancho. Competitors will have one opportunity to make a practice run.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday based on class size competitors will be scheduled to make timed race passes up the hill to be scored towards whom is the fastest to Mike’s Peak.


Racing entries from all across the United States and around Mexico are expected as online registration for the upcoming 1st Annual Mike’s Peak Hill Climb Challenge is underway.


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LIVE! Monday HERE at 4PM WEST  

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

KING of BAJA ROSARITO Zoo September 12-18, 2016 ***Race being floated as the "20th Annual"SCORE Rosarito Beach Desert Challenge***

UPDATED! August 16, 2016 EXCLUSIVE

As a part of the strategy to prevent crimes and reduce the crime rate, the Mexican army and municipal police implemented to mixed operations at different parts of the city.

For a few weeks now, they have placed "preventative checkpoints for vehicle inspections" on bulevar Benito Juárez, in search of weapons, drugs and criminals.

Since noon on Thursday, August 11, the checkpoints were on a stretch of road by Plaza San Francisco, on bulevar Benito Juárez, where municipal patrols and Mexican army soldiers were carrying out preventative reviews of vehicles. The dragnet in Rosarito has continued this morning into Tuesday, August 16.

Commanding general, Juan Luciano Rodriguez Reynaga, pointed out that the mixed operations are a part of the coordination strategy carried out by the Mexican army to attack the crime wave in Rosarito.

He asked the citizenry for their understanding in light of the bother these roadblocks causes to drivers, as their objective is to protect citizens and attack the high crime rate which has occurred recently in Rosarito.

UPDATE August 11, 2016

ROSARITO ZOO 2016 Baja Racing News LIVE ONLINE KING of BAJA  Rosarito Beach Desert Challenge

Same course as 2013. SCORE tried to hide the access roads.

We've been pre-running the entire course for the majority of the summer. Northern Baja Mexico has needed an event in this neck of the woods for the last ten years.

Last months new Rosarito to Tecate event is it. This Rosarito event is a good start, but what racers want is a point-to-point event with real overland challenges.

We're confident the local Rosarito hospitality will meet all the needs of the racing community. We'll report on all the details, stay tuned.

The Fabulous Rosarito Beach Hotel is the HeadQuarters for for this LIVE! coverage. We want to thank everyone at this incredible establishment for their fine hospitality!

The race course is the 2013 Rosarito 200, around the foothills at Cerro La Mesate, Pancho Place, Cerro Coronel and Cantamar. The race event start is 9.5 miles south of Rosarito. At Puerto Nuevo/Cantamar. (See Map Below) Our LIVE! coverage begins Monday, September 12 at 4PM from the Rosarito Beach Hotel BeachSide Bar!


Our KING of BAJA "ROSARITO ZOO" LIVE! coverage schedule:

**Monday, September 12 4PM OFF-ROAD LIVE!  ON THE BEACH at the Fabulous Baja Racing Club from San Diego!

**Wednesday, September 14 5PM MONSTER Mike's GARAGE ON THE BEACH at Papas & Beer

**Friday, September 16 Rosarito ZOO, 
Baja Racing News RADIO LIVE! from Contingency

Saturday, September 17 Rosarito ZOO TBA
Sunday, September 18 Rosarito ZOO TBA


UPDATE July 17, 2016

"ON THE BEACH" Rip Off By Roger Norman and SCORE

Jim Ryan said, "Baja Racing News LIVE! tagline, "ON THE BEACH" is so good, we decided to abuse it." 

CLICK HERE! The Complete story and
the pablum 'official release':

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Monday, August 15, 2016

TODAY! Monday, August 15 4PM From the BIG BAD DEZERT - VEGAS TO RENO KICK-OFF!  
October 8 SPECIAL EVENT! "ON THE BEACH" USA Mike's Hill Climb Kick-Off!

  LIVE! Monday HERE at 4PM WEST  

INQUEST Kurt Caselli Death Cover-Up Confirmed***Murder?

CLICK HERE MOBILE USERS! Listen-In! One of our Greatest Hits Shows! Behind the scenes in the Caselli Inquest...Re-Reun***  

Gary Newsome Reporting
UPDATED! August 15, 2016

The current conclusions. Kurt Caselli was riding at high speed and crashed into a steer/cow (Ramirez report).

One or more of the horns pierced his upper body. The crash opened a bleeding wound,  broke ribs and caused significant internal injuries of the famed desert moto racer. (Ken K. and Oscar Ramos report)

Kurt was racing without the aid of a look-out helicopter. He was also racing without a working GPS or other guidance device. (KTM reports)

From the original crash site, according to investigating Mexican federal police, his body and bike (were) moved to a location away from the course. (Interviews, June 2016).


When Ken K. (the first documented witness) arrived, he moved Kurt's bike closer to the course, to be visible. This also means his bike had been moved into the bushes after the initial crash. (Tracking data; SCOREVETS).

Ken K. then left Kurt to get help. Remember, he was sent to the location without medical, emergency response or any other resources. (Ken K. interviews)

Ivan Ramirez, coming from the other direction of the race course, found Kurt and signaled for help. More>>>

Kurt Caselli's 'open' upper chest wound answers the question why such a strong rider would be down. 

Caselli's physical condition also tells us he could have been saved! 


Roger pays off Nancy Caselli, creating the foundation and
silencing the family forever, money destroyed any transparency from the family!  


The first thoughts of Kurt, when the experts heard he was dead, was that he had met foul play, by GUNS!

Here's Why!

Creeper Chucks SSI crew were fucking underage American girls in Mexico ..

The cartel cover rep shooting the pre-running motorcycle competitor before another Baja 1000 CLICK HERE November 2008 Martz Case

"Caselli died as a result of homicide".  
"I think Kurt was shot!"
Baja Bill Fuentes

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The 2017 HONDA CRF450RX Exclusively Announced

2017 HONDA CRF450RX Announced

Baja Racing News LIVE! Exclusive!

CRF450RX rotate
Honda introduces the new CRF450RX, a closed-course off-road (GNCC) version of the 2017 CRF450R motocrosser.
The RX does not mean the end of the previous CRF450X, a bike Honda says still fills the niche for the off-road rider who is looking for something more trail friendly, or an off-road bike more appealing for long-distance riding. As a result, the much-liked X remains in Honda’s lineup.
Some of the major differences between the R and the RX is that electric starting comes standard on the RX (with manual back-up) and the RX’s fuel tank is made out of plastic (not titanium) and is larger in capacity (2.2 gallons versus 1.6 gallons). The RX also has an 18-inch rear wheel, and gearing is slightly different.
Honda CRF450RX
Electric starting comes standard on the CRF450RX.
The RX also has compared to the R:
  • Smoother ignition mapping for better performance in low-traction situations.
  • Standard electric starting, with kick start as a backup.
  • Suspension settings are more appropriate for technical off-road conditions.
  • With a 2.25 gallon capacity, the plastic fuel tank is larger than that of the CRF450R for increased range off-road.
  • Forged-aluminum side stand is standard to allow trailside parking.
  • Off-road-focused, durable Dunlop Geomax AT81 tires.
  • One-tooth larger rear sprocket than CRF450R, for better performance in tight woods conditions.
  • Different cylinder hanger than CRF450R, for comfort in technical off-road conditions.
Like the 2017 CRF450R, the RX will makes its dealer debut in October but shortly after the R. Price has not yet been announced.

2017 Honda CRF450RX


ENGINE TYPE            Liquid-cooled, single-cylinder 4-stroke
DISPLACEMENT:       449.7cc
COMPRESSION RATIO:         13.5:1
INDUCTION:  Programmed fuel-injection system (PGM-FI), 46mm throttle bore
IGNITION:      Full transistorized ignition
TRANSMISSION:        Constant-mesh 5-speed
FINAL DRIVE: 520 chain; 13T/50T
VALVE TRAIN:            Unicam OHC, 4-valve; 10.0mm intake, steel; 8.8mm exhaust, steel
FRONT SUSPENSION:           49mm fully adjustable leading-axle inverted telescopic Showa coil-spring fork
REAR SUSPENSION:  Pro-Link swingarm system; fully adjustable Showa single shock
FRONT WHEEL TRAVEL:      12.0 in.
REAR WHEEL TRAVEL:         12.3 in.
FRONT BRAKE:          Single 260mm disc
REAR BRAKE: Single 240mm disc
FRONT TIRE:  Dunlop Geomax AT81 90/90×21 in.
REAR TIRE:    Dunlop Geomax MX3S 120/90-18 in.
RAKE: 27°22’
TRAIL: 4.6 in.
SEAT HEIGHT:           37.8 in.
GROUND CLEARANCE:          12.9 in.
WHEELBASE: 58.1 in.
FUEL CAPACITY:       2.2 gal.
COLOR:           Red
CURB WEIGHT (wet, full fuel):        261 lbs.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


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OFF-ROAD LIVE! ON THE BEACH! July 18 4PM    ***Outrageous DeZert  News!***

LIVE! Monday 4PM WEST 7 EAST  

BULLETIN! The DeZert News!

*Green Sticker Program To Die!
*Udall investigated, Caselli Death!
*Baja 500 Fiasco Goes Nuclear! 
*Great New Event! Rosarito To Tecate!
*Wednesday SPECIAL El Cajon Off-Road Day LIVE! at 5PM 


NEW! ON THE BEACH Surf Week!; El Cajon Off-Road Day!; San Diego All Star Festivities; Rosarito 200; Rosarito To Tecate!; Rosarito Surf Contest & Sand Drags! Del Mar Tuff-Trucks Footage VIDS!

             CLICK HERE ALL SUMMER 2016 LONG!