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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

LIVE KING of BAJA 500 2016, May 30 to June 5

KING of BAJA 500 2016
LIVE Coverage Starts next Monday on May 30. PreRunning Started Friday, May 20,
(Teams have actually been pre-running since April 25), when copies of the course went out to Jose's friends! 

CLICK HERE! 2015 BAJA 500 Replay


*BAJA 500 2016 FACT SHEET 

The complete Baja 500 pre-race set-up. We'll try not to talk about the SCORE staff dropping like flies. Or, the multitudes of angry farmers and ranchers, or the lack of racers.

This is the skinniest Baja race in history. FACT. LOADING>>>

*Carlos Corral Reportedly Suffers
Heart Attack-Heat Stroke! 

SCORE functionary suffers serious health crisis, reported by Roger Norman. He asks for prayers, for his long-time worker. "Twenty minutes after requesting prayers, a miracle happened and he was back and joking with Tony and Abelardo who are at his bedside, at hospital in Ensenada". Prayers work, reportedly.

*Saturday, May 21. SpeedMex is at Saldana, at race-mile 164. Give or take 1-2 miles. They will be there full-time May 28 through the race event ending.

*Organization Director Etienne Lavigne of the ASO Amaury Sport Organization (DAKAR) was interviewed by on Friday.

The ASO and DAKAR could not make any agreement regarding continuing the previous years 'Dakar Challenge' with SCORE.

Lavigne did not say why the program ended this year, except to say, "it wasn't working". 

*In 2008, during the 'Dakar cancellation', the 'Transorientale' Rally 

*The scheduled sale of SCORE is hanging on the finish of the 50th Baja 1000. But, today, actual operations are being directed out of Ensenada.

*Friday, we saw seven teams pre-running and setting up for race operations. Five Mexican teams, out of Ensenada and two from the states.

*Also Friday, reports on local radio are not good for SCORE. More complaints from local farmers.>>> 

Roger's travel to China gave up the ghost on the next step of "SCORE International". Roger has relinquished Mexico to the Mexicans. Roger Norman will next attempt to compete with DAKAR.

Roger wants the global stage for his truly, SCORE-International.

Problem is, SCORE today isn't even up to snuff as a regional race series. He's kicked out of half of the peninsula and Mexico City has removed him out of 40% of northern Baja. 

The faster he runs away from his organizational problems, the faster his problems catch up with him. 

In his mind, he's 'winning'. 


CLICK HERE FOR THE 2015 BAJA 500 Desert Off-Road Race LIVE! Replay

CLICK HERE FOR THE 2015 BAJA 500 Pre-Race Events

CLICK HERE FOR THE 2015 BAJA 500 Pre-Green-Flag


BAJA 500 2014
The Bloody Battle!


BAJA 500 2013

One racer told
"In the 84, the McMillins took the overall and that is the 1984 san felipe 250 (Roger Norman copied this ´84 edition for this years 250 [2014 San Felipe 250] saying that was a "never used section for a San Felipe 250". But, I guess in 1984 he [Norman] was into breakdancing? Pogo champion?). 

BAJA 500 LIVE May 30 to June 5, on

Gary Newsome, Editor,
***Celebrating 60 Years of Baja Racing Desert Off-Road Recreation!***

The race sanction for this years event is 'SCORE-International', but no matter  how much 'NORRA' claims it "started" off-road racing in Baja Mexico, it's clear both Mike Pearlman and Roger Norman are merely bloviators.

Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Start and finish of the classic "500".

Stay tuned while we dig up the real history of this active recreation and shine a light to the future of "racing" in Baja California, Mexico!

NORRA's Mike Pearlman's claim of first on the block is laughable. 1908 saw the first off-road events. The sixty years celebration, merely marks the 'modern era', of desert off-road events.

We'll report on the behind the scenes 'insurance and trust panic' going on with the filthy-rich-upper-crust racers. You know those guys, they get ALL the sponsor dollars and equipment and you, the little guys, get to pay for it all! Well, they're runnin' skeered now!

They had no-idea how much Mexican trouble can cost, when they kill some "nobody" American.

The environmental axe is coming down! You think losing frog canyon is bad?! Wait 'til you hear the head enviro'chief from Mexico City, lay down the new law. He even mentioned, that PAB guy cutting new single track trails, in sensitive areas, "we have a file and an official in Ensenada on the case", he said.

The KING of BAJA 500 2016 LIVE! coverage starts Monday Night, May 30th at 4PM on OFF-ROAD LIVE! 

Gary Newsome, Editor

Monday, May 23, 2016

OFF-ROAD LIVE! Monday, May 23 4PM Racing & Recreation News

Go On Our BAJA 500 Pre-Runs! CLICK HERE! Sign-Up and Pre-Run the BAJA 500 in Mexico!***Monday, May 23 Listen In! BAJA 500 Pre-Runs! SPECIAL Monday 4PM! LIVE! Every Monday HERE at 4PM WEST  


BAJA Racing CENTER Spring 2016 Rocks!

Starring David Clay of & John Stewart Cal4Wheel

Go On Our BAJA 500 Pre-Runs! CLICK HERE! Sign-Up and Pre-Run the BAJA 500 in Mexico!***Monday, May 23 Listen In! BAJA 500 Pre-Runs! SPECIAL Monday 4PM! LIVE! Every Monday HERE at 4PM WEST  




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Sunday, May 22, 2016

OFF-ROAD LIVE! Monday 4PM May 23, 2016 Racing & Recreation Headines

CABO 500 PreRuns ALL THIS SPRING! Paradise! LIVE! Every Monday HERE at 4PM WEST

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

OFF-ROAD LIVE! Monday, May 2, 2016 4PM Desert Racing & Recreation News

BAJA 1000 Project


OFF-ROAD LIVE! Joins Team Valvoline in NEW! Baja 1000 Project!

Valvoline™ – the petroleum industry's first U.S. trademarked motor oil brand now celebrating its 150th anniversary – today announced a large internal team, along with strong lead and supporting partners, will construct two, custom Stock-Full class trucks to compete in the 49th 'SCORE' Baja 1000, scheduled for Nov. 16-20 of this year.

This marks Valvoline's inaugural endeavor as an owner in this racing league.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

SCORE Race Director Abelardo Grijalva Run Over at San Felipe 250, Hospitalized

Jose Grijalva was run over at his own race event today, in San Felipe Baja Mexico

Score International Race Director Abelardo (Jose) Grijalva has been hospitalized in San Felipe, Baja Mexico. 

UPDATED! May 17, 2016 From Ensenada, BC
Jose Grijalva has finally been cleared by his personal doctor to race again, with an advisory.

"Any additional disturbances to his personal well-being could place his life in jeopardy", said Jose today from Mexico.


UPDATE! March 6, 2016 From Ensenada, BC.

Jose Grijalva has been transferred to Ensenada, to a rehabilitation facility. He is expected to return home in a few days. 

The race director for SCORE International at the recent San Felipe 250 and spokesman for Roger Norman in Mexcio, suffered a broken arm, severe concussion and dangerous swelling on the brain.

He also suffered deep bruising and lacerations on various parts of his body.

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Sunday, May 08, 2016

TOYOTA swallows Sin City, BJ Baldwin, Bobby Baldwin and Dan Bilzerian esperma

TOYOTA has 'chosen' to sponsor, BJ Baldwin of Nevada. More proof positive, the global, corporate and stupid-rich, have lost their minds. 

Lost in translation between Los Angeles and Tokyo? Clearly the US reps for TOYOTA have no real idea what they're doing. 

In Sin City, Las Vegas, BJ's father, Bobby Baldwin is CityCenter's mega-rich chief executive. BJ Baldwin is his only son. Dan Bilzerian is BJ's only super-rich playboy pal.

BJ has never earned a penny in his entire life. 

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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Thursday, May 5, 2016 Celebrate San Diego! 101st Anniversary Cannonball Baker New Ocean Record! Join Us ON THE BEACH

OFF-ROAD LIVE! Invites the Motorsports Community to Celebrate San Diego! May 5, 2016, The 101st Anniversary of the Famous Cannonball Baker New "Ocean-To-Ocean" Record - Run Across the Country!

"I will not race SCORE events, as long as Roger Norman is in charge!" Racers make it public! "Robert Acer", GS Motorsports driver and pilot

'Robert Acer' moralizes against Roger Norman of SCORE International


The leader of the team GS Motorsports, Robert Acer, gave us this exclusive in El Vigia Newspaper in Ensenada,  "I will not be in any event of score international while Roger Norman is the owner of the company"

Acer, considers "Norman, is not the right person to lead the series of off-road for not Give him a proper treatment to the pilots and especially to the fans Mexicans".

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