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Thursday, April 19, 2018


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**Saturday, April 21 From Ensenada, BC Mexico, Contingency and Technical Inspection Coverage; High Noon 12PM**

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At San Felipe: N 31 1.826.
W 114 51.668

At CoCo's Corner: N 29 31.024.
W 114 17.460

At San Ignacio: N 27 17.915.
W 112 54.264

At Loreto: N 26 1.370.
W 111 21.884

At La Paz: On the Traditional Finish Line
At the Grand Malecon Downtown
On the Sea Of Cortez!

At Cabo San Lucas: 
On the CABO 1000 Finish Line!

The CABO 1000 2018, Not a chase, A Race!

A short narrative of the racing/rally we are leading this year. 

The rally we are "leading" this year is the NORRA Mexican 1000.

Last year (2017) was celebrated by its sanction (NORRA) as the 50th Mexican 1000. The "rally" didn't run 50 times, it was just 50 years since the first NORRA Mexican 1000 (the original 1000 race in Baja) that most called "the Baja 1000" even back then. NORRA founded the original 1000 mile or kilometer motorsports event and ran it from 1967 to 1972. 

NORRA also founded the 'Baja 500' in 1968 and ran it to 1973.  The modern, Mike Pearlman son of Ed, operated sanction (NORRA) attempted a modern "Mexican 500" in 2013, but it failed.

NORRA was removed from running races in Baja California, Mexico, after their disaster, in June 1973 the NORRA, Baja 500. 

The Mexican organization called Baja Sports Committee (BSC) thought they could do better and keep more money in Mexico ("for the children" they touted). BSC created the Baja 1000 (Baja Mil), ran it in the November 1973 time slot, and the racers who qualified for payback money who arrived in La Paz only got a set of Samsonite luggage! The funds vanished... Viva Mexico! BSC did have a 1974 Baja 500, but almost nobody showed up! NORRA had countered with a Parker Dam 500 race in Arizona. 

Baja Norte businesses were frantic and with the governor helping solve this terrible loss, Mickey Thompson with his new SCORE organization was asked to take over Baja racing. SCORE was going to be just for Short Course races. In July 1974, the first Score race (called The Baja Internacional) raced some 400 miles out from Ensenada and back and was a huge success. Mickey felt there wasn't sufficient time to properly organize a 1000 that year, so 1974 was the only year there has not been a '1000' since 1967. It had nothing to do with any fuel crisis as modern writers have said. 

The first Score 1000 was a loop starting and ending in Ensenada in 1975. In 1979, with permits secured, Score ran its first race into Baja Sur, returning the Ensenada to La Paz tradition, but avoiding as much of the new paved highway as possible. Until Score could have legal use of the name Baja 500 (owned by NORRA), the shorter June race was officially called 'Baja Internacional', but it was usually known as the 500, anyway. The third Score Baja race was originally the Mexicali 250 before becoming the San Felipe 250. It actually began as the Hotel Lucerna 250 before Score entered the scene.

Baja Racing News LIVE!
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018



Monday, April 16, 2018

DEATH RACE LIVE! San Felipe 250 2018 Starts Monday, April 2 4PM



CLICK HERE-Pre-Show Interview with Alan Kohl of What to do?

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
Two dead spectators as a result of a lamentable incident with the Herbst #91 Trophy Truck



"The director of the Mexicali Tourism and Conventions Committee, Omar Dipp, confirmed the running over of two spectators during the 'San Felipe 250' Off Road Race. He said that the organizers of the race, SCORE, reported the event besides from the bad news via telephone it was difficult to get more information. 

Dipp said it appears the spectators were walking on the race course when they were run over. After the accident, SCORE activated a code red. SCORE has also been silent about the racer who was driving the vehicle, but the sponsor firm was said to be from the Terrible Herbst team, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The tourism promoter said it was an unfortunate case, but there are certain risks inherent in races, which increase when people fail to keep a respectable distance established by the race organizers."

Original Reporting: "2 Spectators run over by Trophy Truck! The incident took place near San Matias pass at Race Mile Marker 157...[Confirmed as Road Marker 154]...the victims were killed instantly. Reported over race radio, police authorities impounded the race truck and detained the driver and his co-driver overnight." 

How do 'some' of the racers really feel about killing people, this note from BJ Baldwin:

How 'some' of the racers really feel about running over human beings, from buckwild. BJ Baldwin wrote this in 2015 after Apdaly Lopez took out a spectators truck at the SCORE sanctioned BAJA 500. No penalties were given to the racer by SCORE International the racing sanction.

 During the last BAJA 1000 in 2017, Robby Gordon said on the SCORE microphone at contingency, "We are going to run you over!". Talking to the spectators about how the racers have no questions about striking and killing human beings. Baja Racing News LIVE! has been reporting on this subject for years.

*Local press reports start to hit the newspapers. Spanish.

CLICK HERE FOR Ensenada El Vigia 

CLICK HERE FOR Opinion Sonora 



*A Bizarre piece by the San Diego Reader, By Mike Madriaga:

Baja 250 races — two dead; racer scares Alpine kids and dad 10 Facebook message makes it worse By Mike Madriaga, April 16, 2018 

“I did not see him until the last second,” said Andy McMillin, “and it was the closest call I had. The fans down there in Baja California stand next to the race course and we call it “the parting of the seas” as our trucks approach a high-traffic spectator area.

[BJ Baldwin video depicts his truck going through the crowd area]

The viral video depicts a man watching about an arm's length away from McMillin’s trophy truck as he zoomed by going “80-100 miles per hour” at the Baja 250 race. The annual off-road race is managed by SCORE International and this day it was a 320-mile single loop race that started in San Felipe. McMillin is based out of Point Loma [San Diego] and is a five-time overall Baja 1000 champion. 

“The racers and the spectators know the risks” he said. “These are highly capable vehicles moving at high rates of speed and some people choose to stand right next to the race course to get the ultimate experience of watching us pass by.” On the same day, two other spectators were not as lucky. “The two people killed by the Herbst truck, was an accident,” said Yolie Stover from Alpine. “If the police would have said they intentionally hit them, they would have not have finished the race, and I guarantee that they would have gone to jail.” 

According to the Mexican newspapers “Ed Herbst, trophy truck driver #91, lost control of his vehicle and hit the two spectators, who were identified as Omar Corona Arroyo and Abelardo Padilla Camacho. Both were 38 years old.” 

Stover goes by the [']Off Road Girl Loves Baja['] moniker. She’s been capturing videos and photos of the off-road action since 1995. “The spectators need to stay back at least 50 feet,” she said. “It’s the spectators' responsibility to stay safe, keep back, and stay alert.” At times, she’s out by the race-course blowing her whistle and reminding the spectators to stand back and pick up their trash, but many don’t listen. “Unfortunately, fans do walk out and drive on to the course during races,” said Matt Scarpuzzi.

 “Drivers, race officials, and local Mexican police and security all discourage this, but again some of these races are over 1000 miles long and it is impossible to enforce boundaries for every mile.” Scarpuzzi, 38, is a fireman from Alpine that raced his UTV (utility task vehicle) this day, but broke down at race mile 102 and was not able to repair it to get back in the race. Scarpuzzi’s wife and two kids were watching the race. As the mother and her daughter stepped away from their area, three trucks rolled into their encampment. 

“Our son was one of the kids being frantically shuffled away by my good friend,” she said. “What happened with BJ Baldwin, Robby Gordon and even the eventual winner, Rob MacCachren, was they didn’t get back over to the marked course early enough,” said McMillin. “Rob made it through after zig-zagging around multiple spectators’ vehicles, and lost quite a bit of time. BJ and Robby tried to come back to the marked course and BJ ended up having to go over someone’s e-z up (tent).” 

On another video posted from a different angle, a kid could be heard screaming in Spanish. “Several drivers drove off course and took this access road to be able to drive faster.” Scarpuzzi said. “Once they got to the end of the road they tried to get back on course and thats when BJ decided to drive through the spectator area.” BJ posted the video on his Facebook and it read in part: “Thank you to those of you that cleared the way for me and allowed me to destroy your chairs, canopies and coolers to access the virtual checkpoint. Send me a direct message proving it was your camp, and I promise to replace them with even better [link deleted] canopies, chairs and coolers as well as a pallet of drinks to fill them with.” 

Scarpuzzi was livid when he saw the post, and responded. “There is no excuse for mowing down a spectator area to get ‘back in course.’ You can keep your [name deleted] e-z up and cooler. My 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter that dove under my truck to get out of your way, have no desire to support you or your sponsors. You had a choice to make at that moment, and you chose to endanger human life for a faster line. That is not what desert racing is about.”

The piece had really strange links out promoting various interests. The Editor has removed the links. And a message to the author, if you want a sponsorship with Monster Energy, Mike, put on your knee pads and get ready to give Joe, his blowjob.

*The racing community begins to realize the sanctioning body and the local government are responsible for enhancing safety elements of the Baja racing courses and activities. These are comments sent to Baja Racing News LIVE! relative to this very event:

*"Years ago the Mexican government on roads would put cars that were in actual car accidents were people died because of driving while drunk since many people are visual, I say have big tarps along the highways with what could possibly happen when people are to close to the race track and where and where not to spectate with also a message that with alcohol in the system you might be invincible".

*"It's not always the spectators. In the area where we were pitting, there were 2 race lines. As we left the area and were headed back out to the highway, we came upon a large group of people pitting about a 1/2 mile up course from us, some were big named TT teams. They had set up their pits on the secondary race line. I wonder how many race cars came thru their pits that they were not expecting?"

*"I pre-ran mile 290 back into town on Wednesday late in the afternoon. The number of 'lines' being run that weren't within 50, 100, even 300 feet of the course centerline and the bushes and pieces of trees used to cover their entrances where they left the marked course was obvious. A spectator out near mile 312 would have no safe place to watch the race and be within 500 feet of the course from what I saw. Maybe some of the issue can be reigned in with simply narrowing the course limits a bit."

*"Just from a pure business stand point, not to belittle the emotional cost which is imeasurable....but just in terms of dollars and sense, how much do each of these incidents cost SCORE? Kind of rhetorical, but just saying every single fatality has to have a financial impact. That impact is compounded by things like news coverage that portrays SCORE, it's management, etc in a bad light. No one wants Baja to not be Baja, but at the same time how long can this current approach be sustained? Can SCORE continue to work around these incidents for the long haul? Probably not a rational way to do it but would be interesting to see the raw numbers year to year, race to race. Not sure it would prove anything, but would be interesting to see how the numbers play out because if nothing else, it seems like the frequency of these incidents is increasing."

*"My guess is most of the spectators are just doing what the other spectators are doing. I'd bet most had no idea they were right in the middle of some of the preferred lines until they found TTs weaving through their camp/What if Score setup preferred spectator areas where needed? Put a Virtual checkpoint nearby so you know which line the racers are going to run, giving the fans guaranteed action and you can keep large numbers of spectators off the racing line. Dakar has something similar."

*"If Score would just stand up to what is in their own Rule bookthe Race Course is 60 ft from center right or left DO NOT RELEASE VCP's until 24hr before the start of the racethat way racers have to race the course. If you miss a VCP then you were not racing the courseI think this would help a lot."

*In the situation I was in, there were 2 race lines within 50ish feet of each other.Funny part was the big berm and turn at the end of that high speed section. There was a Virtual CP right at the entrance to the turn. We could hear the beep on the bikes as they passed a yellow pole stuck in the ground, so I assume that was the VCP SCORE stuck in the ground.The race course did a jog, right turn, go a ways, and then 2 left turns. If you hit the VCP and then went straight, over the berm, you would meet back up with the course. Several racers did some homework while prerunning and went straight up and over the berm. If you really wanted the race to take that turn, they should have put the VCP further up the course. Lucky that we were far enough out in the middle of nowhere (which is where we like to be), there was only one small family of spectators in our area."

Our favorite comments so far:

*Pistol Pete Sohren: "some may not like this but.....we need more vcp's and a more defined course, ESPECIALLY where we know spectators will be....hundreds of miles of new lines all over the desert is NOT the answer in my opinion.....doing your "homework" shouldnt be about making your own racetrack that is shorter than everyone that race (San Felipe 250 2018) it was just proven that this tactic doesnt work anyway........those spectators where not in a bad spot, the racers taking "better" lines were"

*None of you have any idea what you are talking about. I have been in the car when this happens. I can tell you what its like to have eye contact with the person you are about to run over. I can tell you how many rocks were hitting the fenders as we were sliding. The unforgettable sound of a body hitting a car. None of you can understand what its like to make the call to Weatherman that you just hit a spectator. To see the lifeless body in front of you...........think about that for a minute......... The fact of the matter is that we all race with this dirty little secret. We all race with the price of human life. As racers we sign up for it. When we get in the car we all know the risk. Spectators do not sign up for this. They do not understand the risk. They do not have the understanding of what they are in for. They just believe, as do you and I, that it chances are it wont happen to them. None of them weigh the consequences. I mean really think, that they could die. None of them left their homes in the morning and said to this family and friends......"going to the race.....I might die.....maybe i'll see you later.....maybe not." Come on you guys....really? None of you really understand the reality of this. The price to be paid emotionally by both the drivers and the victims lacks translation here. The price not only to me, but to my family. A sport in which I love, has been a part of my identity for my whole now jaded. There is no insurance you guys. You are in a third world country and you have no rights. There is no "Innocent until proven guilty". They arrest first and ask questions later. There is no right to a speedy trial. You are at the mercy of a third world country government. You are a fool to think the US government will help you. Turn yourself over and hope it all works out? Who is taking care of your family while you rot in a foreign jail? And, by the way.....even when you are found to be free from still have to pay people (and they decide how much). Every race I fill out a litany of paperwork. List myself as a co-driver and wristband up. They have all of my information in triplicate. Ask me how many people from Score called to even see if I was OK. When this happens gang.....make no are on your own. Here is what I will say....... The next time you see someone too close.....SAY SOMETHING! Do something! You know better....they do not.

And Roger......I'm calling you out. Running commercials on Mexican radio is not enough...........I dare you to do something. I dare you to take a stance on this and affect change. I dare you to get a hold of me and form a committee to improve safety. Don't sweep this opportunity under the carpet.The racers want it..........the spectators want's your call. I dare you......

***Join-In to solve the problem! COMMENT HERE! 


*A Professional point-of-view, from Alan Kohl of

"1.     The races are sanctioned by local and state government. In other words, participants in SCORE, NORRA, CODE, etc. do so with the blessings of local and state leaders. Racers should understand they are participating in an event that is sanctioned by local leaders.
2.     Racers should be well prepared by SCORE and NORRA to understand that the organizer has liability insurance covering participants
3.     Racers should demand and get a detailed description of the liability insurance that covers racers during pre-running and races
4.     The liability insurance provided by the organizer should have a limit of liability sufficient to cover multiple fatalities resulting from a single incident.
5.     Racers should be given some type of proof of insurance that covers them during the race. This could be a card with the organizer, insurance company, and race team name and car number, the dates coverage is valid, and the limit of liability provided per person injured and for all persons injured/killed in a single incident
6.     I have read, but cannot confirm, that the liability insurance covering SCORE events is only valid within a certain distance from the center of the race course. This may make sense to the insurance company, by maybe not so much to the racer. What happens if the racer gets lost and is 15 miles from the race course? What happens if the covered distance from the centerline of the race course is 50 feet each way, and an racer goes wide of that by 100 feet and injures or kills someone?
7.     Local leaders in Mexico realize that off road racing is a dangerous sport, both for racers and spectators
8.     The first responsibility of a government is the welfare of its citizens
9.     Expanding on #1. above, the primary entity responsible for spectator safety at an off road race is the relevant government
10.  The relevant government has the ability to require the race organizer to do certain things to enhance safety during pre-running and during races
11.  An example of #10. are restrictions on pre-running during the first 20 or so miles from the Ensenada Start Line for the Baja 500 and Baja 1000
12.  Ensenada Civil Protection has started to implement crowd control and safety measures in the immediate area of the Ensenada Start
13.  I suggest it would be impossible to rope off both sides of a 250 mile desert race course, even if the authorities and the organizers have the resources to do it
14.  Roundy round race organizers (NASCAR) and short course road race organizers (Formula 1 and INDY Car) have a confined area to work with, making it more possible to protect spectators."

Gary Newsome, Publisher
[Image: WhatsApp%20Image%202018-04-07%20at%206.33.52%20PM.jpg]

[Image: jhd5av.jpg]

[Image: 13zcygk.jpg]



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Tuesday, April 10, 2018



LIVE! Every Monday HERE at 4PM
Baja Racing News LIVE! Igor Kay of  Baja Sun Films and Bryce Menzies MINT 400 2018 Champion 

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Roger Norman Violates Mexican Federal Law, fined in recent 50th Baja 1000



By: Gary Newsome, Ensenada, B.C., Mexico

Roger Norman, the responsible butthead of the last edition of the Baja 1000, the 50th version, has been fined by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency of the Republic of Mexico, for crossing a Nature Protection Area without authorization, reported Alfonso Blancafort Camarena, representative of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Blancafort Camarena said he was not aware of the amount of the fine as it is still in process at PROFEPA, but due to the fact this is a reincidence by Score International, the criteria for a fine will be the most severe under the law. The company Roger Norman is responsible for, 'SCORE-International' is seeking an injunction against the fine and this is under legal review, said the representative. 

He stressed that Roger Norman and SCORE International, has constantly violated the environmental regulations and in none of its races where it was required to have federal authorization, has it complied with the requirements for an environmental impact report and the permits to cross the protected areas. 

In the 50 years in which these races have been held, SCORE has never had federal authorization, said Blancafort Camarena.

The reason for that is very simple. Permission has not been granted, because it has never been requested or filed for on behalf of the racing organization. Such permission is required by law, said the Semarnat official.

Baja Racing News LIVE!

 Image result for baja racing bulletin news live

 Isn't it time again for our readers anonymous comments!?

**"Was Roger 'Unwittingly' violating Mexican Federal Law?! No, Roger and SCORE consciously criminalized desert off-road racing in Baja Mexico. Each SCORE race, now must prove it is NOT a criminal enterprise.

Now the onus, the target is on the backs of every gringo racer in baja california, mexico at score races. Are YOU engaged in criminal activity? Are you violating federal law? Do you have your papers?" "Thanks Roger!"
**"I've been a law enforcement source for this publication in the past and this story is dead-on! The legal structure in Mexico and Baja California is gearing up to roll out gringos who think they can operate in Mexico without proper authorizations.

We don't allow it in the USA, the mexicans do not allow it in their country, under their laws.

CLICK HERE just one more thing - this guy was building grenades for the mexican cartels in Tijuana. The grenade factory in north county san diego was just as dangerous to baja californios as is roger norman.

Destruction of natural resources, that can't be replaced, must be stopped."
**"Thanks for letting us know whats REALLY going on! Without this site, we wouldn't have the information direct from Mexico and the ability to comment on the news, Thanks!"

**"One of the biggest problems with these SCORE-Roger Norman violations are the continued illegal activity reflected onto the common gringo tourist. That's right, the Baja locals and politicians know how many tourists don't have their 'legal' papers. They know the gringo businesses who also don't have their papers. How can International travelers be taken seriously when the exact demands the USA expects of them are not being followed by the gringos 'in-country', here in Mexico.
The locals know who you are and they will pinch you when you are here in Baja".
"Thanks Roger Norman for making living here in Mexico almost impossible!"

**"Your blog is very nice".

**"Found your blog. It is full of really good information. Thank you for sharing."

Sergio from Chula Vista:
**"Rogers mom restaurant here in Chula closed. Baja Burgers & Beer, No Mas!"

Our favorite so far:

**"Roger Norman needs to be put down! Like one of his animal trophys in his shop bar, a high powered weapon, in the baja bush at about 1200 yards while he's out looking for his meds he didn't take that day? With his mom by his side telling him, did you take your meds today roger? Roger Richy Rich???"

Send Your Anonymous Comments HERE

Saturday, February 17, 2018

ADVERTISEMENT Let's Watch Russia Gets Rat Fucked Making America Horny Again!

Make America Horny Again! Baja Racing News LIVE!

Friday, February 16, 2018

DeZert News! Communication System Advisory Issued For February 15, 2018

>>>Dezert News LIVE! Communications Advisory
February 16, 2018 Today, OFF-ROAD LIVE! reports on yet another science related communications impact news item on desert racing and adventuring, devoted to the Desert Off-Road Recreation & Racing Lifestyle! CLICK HERE FOR THE ONLINE ADVISORY

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Lopez Cheating Confirmed! 

In EVERY shot of the truck during the race, 


Just another reason to "wipe our Ass 

with the SCORE rulebook!"

 Via ElReyTV LIVE!


The Insiders Story of THE DEATH RACE 2017!   

*Shits; At the Start line at contingency, off-road racings number one - 'first loser', Robby Gordon, began the assault on the civil authorities, proving the "Death Race" legitimacy. 
He said, for the record,

"!!!We are going to run you over!!!"

Telling the spectators of the Baja 1000 2017, the competitiors are prepared for the costs of killing civilians.

A spectator linked to a local racing team was struck and killed. All of the people killed in these races are part of the teams competing. 

They are killing each other and BFGoodrich and SCORE give extra points for death incidents!

Image result for baja racing center

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