Wednesday, October 23, 2019

KING OF BAJA 1000 2019 LIVE!

RACE UPDATE! Wednesday, Oct 23

Roger Norman shames desert off-road racing community, by bailing on historic race course and sucking dick of another shit loop event!

Racers ashamed by SCORE Fail!

RAce Director: "the first 12 miles or so of the race controlled by a Speed Zone Areas, no 80 MPH runs through the Ensenada river wash at Calle 8. we removed the man-made jump (rampa) at Calle 8".

Andy McMillin: "My family has been racing Baja for years, Roger needs to sell SCORE and get the hell out of Baja Mexico racing!".

Ensenada Mayor: "The original race course was good, SCORE failed to follow through on its promises, AGAIN!"

Gabriel Garcia: "our reporting on this story, here in Ensenada, says the fees for the original course were not high, the Mexican officials who talked with SCORE say Norman is breaking long standing deals, maybe he is now ready to sell SCORE".

"Maybe it wasn't the fees, maybe Roger is sick of the negotiations and the nickle and dime fees the goverment is requiring to race in protected areas".

"Roger had to pay out the nose for rolling his Baja 1000 course through the Cirio cactus areas and now he's pissed off".

RACE BULLETIN!  October 20

SCORE International underfunded! Can't afford to pay the government fees for driving north, bails on historic race course, first proposed

UPDATED October 18

KING OF BAJA 1000 2019
LIVE! Event begins Nov. 18!

Publishers Note:

The organizer of this event (Roger Normans SCORE) and the governments of Baja California (State) and Ensenada (City-County) are incapable of following international law, securing safe conditions for its people (because it cuts into Rogers PROFITS
nor telling the truth.

We are huge fans of desert racing.

So, you'll find our reporting a mix of a celebration of the sport and confrontational journalism.

Some updates across our platform, include Crazy Baja News, Roger PORKING race results and the Drunk and Stupid race support stories.

During our coverage of this particular racing event, we'll spotlight how badly Roger Norman and the desperate local authorities will allow insane, unsafe but so very entertaining  -

Gary Newsome

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

BAJA 1000 2019 PreRun NOW! 619-251-6005

Pre-Running The BAJA 1000 2019 NOW! Call or Text 619-251-6005 How Bad Do You Want It?

Friday, October 18, 2019

KING OF BAJA Baja Racing News LIVE! Goes Global

Baja Racing News LIVE! Since 1986 our reporters have broken the biggest, baddest reporting in the English speaking Baja California, Mexico world.

From the polluting maquilas making race products in Tijuana, causing birth defects in new-born children to full coverage of the Death Races.

Now our reporting reach goes global! The United States, for the first time, our offices in Ensenada, Baja Mexico will send reporting into the swamp US Bureau of Land Management.

Las Vegas, Barstow and Sacramento is hearing from the racing community. The District of Columbia has already answered questions! 


Saturday, October 12, 2019

Safari Club Presenting Sponsor KING of BAJA 1000 2019 LIVE! ONLINE

**MONSTER Mike's GARAGE KING of BAJA 1000 ONLINE PARTY Presented By Safari Club!


Thursday, November 21, 8PM-MidNight LIVE!
From Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico**

THE Safari Club>>>

Friday, October 11, 2019

Pistol Pete Sohren Murdered at Mint 400 2019

Pistol Pete Sohren's Death Story and Memory was Murdered at the Mint 400 2019 

Let's talk about Polaris RZR and Matt Martelli and how they murdered Pete Sohren at the Mint 400.

A discussion was raging online about how and why Pete Sohren died. A series of posts during the event was describing the answers racers and off-roaders alike, wanted. 

One message spoke directly to the vehicle he was driving and the drunk driver that struck Pistol Petes Polaris RZR. The message was for the off-road community, how and why Pete Sohren died. 

Reasons to wear proper safety gear when using the Polaris products. It was deleted by Matt Martelli of Mad Media:

This screen grab is part of the Pistol Pete Sohren discussion on safety. Matt Martelli banned the discussion and deleted ANY mention of Pete Sohren, including his planned memorial.

The banned discussion included specific safety details regarding Polaris RZR recalls and covered-up knowledge regarding use of safety belts, helmets and head/neck restraints.

How many people have been injured and killed as a results of deleted information about the Polaris RZR? Hundreds? Thousands?

No helmet, no neck support and drunk driving (the driver in the other rzr). Why did this media pimp, not want this discussed?

Safety and Off Road promotion don't get along when money is more important than life. 

Mad Media has BLOOD ON ITS HANDS. How many people have died, because the Martelli Midgets REFUSE to be honest about their culpability in the MURDER of Petes memory.

So why did Matt Martelli NOT want the public to know the TRUTH?