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Monday, September 26, 2016

BAJA 1000 2016 LIVE! November 14-20 KING of BAJA

The KING of BAJA 1000 2016, Online event has begun! 

What do You think the Baja 1000 is? 

Most know it as a desert off-road race. The pure racers.

Many others know it as a their biggest financial challenge of the desert racing year. The race is an afterthought to many of those who merely seek the financial means to get away from their responsibilities at home and work.  The forever vapid "Living the Dream" crowd.

They will kill, to race in Baja.

You've heard about the race deaths...Today, many know the race event as part of the Gringo Death Circus, directed by Roger Norman. Not for long. The boycott is underway...

Former employees of Norman have told us everything. We will report. 

The Baja 1000 is also a fear factory for many. They want the motorsport thrill of the desert off-road racing, but they also must deal with the realities of Baja Mexico. 

The potential kidnapping, theft and quick death. Luckily for the fearful, the truth is the thousands of criminals of Mexico, now live in the United States. Thanks to 'criminal-financial amnesty', offered by "El Norte", the worst of the worst now live next door to You, at home.

Just this morning, major crime throughout the US, is announced as out of control. (Sept. 26, 2016)

So, the extreme criminal threats at the races have actually lessened, for short-term Baja visitors.


Gary Newsome

BAJA 1000 2016 LIVE!

After all the years of producing LIVE ONLINE events and reporting on the festivities of the Baja races, the 2016 BAJA 1000, the KING of BAJA 1000 will destroy everything you think this thing, really is.

2016 BAJA 1000 Updated Storylines

CLICK HERE for the Cummins - Valvoline Team Baja UPDATES


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Cummins Diesel and Valvoline Oil BID FOR BAJA, OFF-ROAD LIVE! EXCLUSIVE!

OFF-ROAD LIVE! Exclusive report Pikes Peak shakedown Cummins Diesel engineer Roger Englandyed

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

MONSTER Mikes SST Hill Climb October 10-16


UPDATED September 21, 2016

***SST Hill Climb Kick-Off! ON THE BEACH!***

***SST Hill Climb SPECIAL!***
Interview with the BAJA Racing Hall of Famer Perry McNeil.
The topic, Mike Leon and the "Ranch in the Sky", he hand built.


    BAJA SAFARI to Mikes Sky Rancho, in the old days!

Off-Road travel trips with use Mike's Sky Rancho regularly. (Mike Leon pictured)

MONSTER Mikes Hill Climb Presents! The First-Ever Hill Climb Race on Legendary Mike’s Sky Rancho To Bring World Class Racers to 
Baja Mexico, October 2016!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

KING of BAJA ROSARITO Zoo September 12-18, 2016 ***Race being floated as the "20th Annual"SCORE Rosarito Beach Desert Challenge***

LIVE! Monday HERE at 4PM WEST  


Covered LIVE! From Baja Mexico!

We were LIVE! for Our KING of BAJA "ROSARITO ZOO":

**Monday, September 12 4PM OFF-ROAD LIVE!  ON THE BEACH at the Baja Racing Club from San Diego! CLICK HERE REPLAY!

Monday, September 19 4PM***

Monday Racing Headlines

SCORE Championships Collapse as racers boycott Roger Normans Gringo Death Race Series! 
Gary Newsome, Publisher
Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico

Talk of Ampudias taking over SCORE after next years Baja 1000 (2017) is now hot and heavy. Racers want Norman out of trying to run racing events in Mexico. "He's not respected here in Mexico". "He's a Trump suckoff". Mexicans in the sport now despise the mega-richy-rich Americano.

Now with his "championship" series collapsed, the SCORE name is now the three "Baja" Mexican race events, which can easily be owned and operated by the local Mexicans. The club of those racers would do well to negotiate a 'participation' deal with the Nevada meglomaniac. Or a new owner of SCORE or a new desert racing series.

Roger Norman, without the Trophy Truck "country clubbers", is neither a TV Show nor a race event. Roger didn't make this race event a 'throw-away', meaning it would've had no points toward his joke, "WORLD Series".  

But, Rosarito was a 'points' race. Meaning, any racer who didn't show up to race (pay entry fees and so forth) is now out of the running for any SCORE class championship this racing year, in SCORE.

Still, no-one* from the club showed up. SCORE is now an official, 'throw-away-series'.  

The State of Baja California, the Ensenada and Rosarito Tourism Trusts can regularly give their race event poverty welfare checks to locals rather than a multi-billionaire American, like Trump-Humping Norman!

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Robert 'Baja Bob' Gordon and his son, Robby Gordon Inducted into BAJA Racing HALL of Fame, September 15, 2016

BAJA Racing
Announces Inductees

The Editorial Board of the ONLINE Publication Baja Racing News LIVE! Hereby Announces The BAJA Racing HALL of FAME 2016 Special Inductees, today September 15, 2016.

Motorsports around the Globe recognizes the Sport of Baja Racing. The Home of Baja Racing, now recognizes the Special People who created the Sport, The Events and the Lifestyle of Baja Racing, through this Tribute and recognition.

The BAJA Racing HALL of FAME shall acknowledge these Special People as the Editorial Board recognizes 'the sport' has done a lousy job celebrating the lives of these Special People!

Robert "BAJA BOB" Gordon and his son Robby Gordon are hereby Inducted into the 

In the Racing Good Times...Robert 'Bob' Gordon, Perry McNeil and Robby Gordon. Vaya con Dios