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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Thursday, May 5, 2016 Celebrate San Diego! 101st Anniversary Cannonball Baker New Ocean Record! Join Us ON THE BEACH

OFF-ROAD LIVE! Invites the Motorsports Community to Celebrate San Diego! May 5, 2016, The 101st Anniversary of the Famous Cannonball Baker New "Ocean-To-Ocean" Record - Run Across the Country! We'll be ON THE BEACH - Join Us! CLICK HERE!

"I will not race SCORE events, as long as Roger Norman is in charge!" Racers make it public! "Robert Acer", GS Motorsports driver and pilot

'Robert Acer' moralizes against Roger Norman of SCORE International


The leader of the team GS Motorsports, Robert Acer, gave us this exclusive in El Vigia Newspaper in Ensenada,  "I will not be in any event of score international while Roger Norman is the owner of the company"

Acer, considers "Norman, is not the right person to lead the series of off-road for not Give him a proper treatment to the pilots and especially to the fans Mexicans".

Many teams, racers and sponsors are beginning to make public, the complete lack of trust and are starting to take action against SCORE International.

With La Paz not allowing Roger into Baja Sur with the 50th Baja 1000 next year, the time for Norman to leave the sport, is now! 

Gary Newsome, Editor

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

BULLETIN! Los Cabos Racing Incident Injures 5! Details on Todays Show!***OFF-ROAD LIVE! Monday August 12 4PM WEST 7PM EAST

May 4, 2016 UPDATE!

Who does SCORE's Roger Norman work with?

Qualitas Insurance. The one that doesn't pay its bills, was charged with fraud in Baja Sur.

The thieves of Baja South. CLICK HERE FOR THE RAPE OF BAJA SUR. Even with warnings from local racers and regional experts, Norman, SCORE and George Antill, sucked off these surenos. 

These people make money the old fashioned way, They steal it!  January 25, 2014 UPDATED

September 14, 2013 UPDATED BELOW

Continuing EXCLUSIVE coverage on

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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

BAJA Racing CENTER Spring 2016 Rocks!

KING of BAJA 500 Course Map Out Friday! LIVE! Every Monday HERE at 4PM WEST  



*Checkout the Jim Ryan Interview, details on Rosarito Beach, BAJA 500 and the sale of SCORE

*News from SCORE today, Dick Gray quits. Funny, Grihalva was seen on the stream...Back to tech...Roger Norman on his f-book today, proposed this, "My first idea SCORE "Escape to Baja", while he was on a property [known to] on the border with Mexico.

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Monday, May 02, 2016

OFF-ROAD LIVE! Monday, May 2, 2016 4PM Desert Racing & Recreation News

OFF-ROAD LIVE! Joins Team Valvoline in NEW! Baja 1000 Project!

Valvoline™ – the petroleum industry's first U.S. trademarked motor oil brand now celebrating its 150th anniversary – today announced a large internal team, along with strong lead and supporting partners, will construct two, custom Stock-Full class trucks to compete in the 49th 'SCORE' Baja 1000, scheduled for Nov. 16-20 of this year.

This marks Valvoline's inaugural endeavor as an owner in this racing league.

Lead partner in this venture is worldwide engine manufacturer Cummins®. Since 1996, Valvoline and Cummins have had an exclusive arrangement, with the Cummins' logo appearing on product packaging for a number of Valvoline's Premium Blue™ portfolio of products. The two companies' extensive research and development relationship helps to produce the highest-performing product-engine combinations on the street today. 

Additional Baja build partners include BILSTEIN, the world leader in monotube gas pressure shock absorbers, and ATS Diesel Performance, a worldwide manufacturer of diesel truck performance products. All partner companies have been integral in providing assets and expertise to the build. 

OFF-ROAD LIVE! is the Premiere source for the entire Team Valvoline "The Baja 1000 Project" Special.

"This endeavor is truly a collaboration of an extended, and valued, partner network," said Jamal Muashsher, Valvoline's director of marketing for global brands.  "Several Valvoline employees wanted to demonstrate our hands-on expertise by showing that we not only work at Valvoline, but also embody the spirit of the brand and understand how to get under the hood and create a competition vehicle."

This year's Baja race will be a loop covering 800 – 1,000 miles, starting and ending in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Two main trucks and two chase trucks – rotating drivers and navigators – are needed to complete the average 28-52 hour race. 

Drivers invited to navigate the custom-made vehicles will be Network A and Formula Drift Drivers Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck.

"In celebrating our 150th anniversary, we looked at Valvoline racers from our past and present to help us form a list of athletes to align with for this race.  Certainly, Ryan and Chris were at the top," added Muashsher. "It meant a lot to us that the drivers invited to helm our one-of-a-kind trucks speak to the evolution of Valvoline over the past 15 decades."

Valvoline has been part of racing since the sports' inception. When the first-ever organized car race in North America was held in Chicago, Illinois, in 1895, the Valvoline lubricated, two-cylinder, one-and-three-quarter horsepower car won first place. And from this point forward, Valvoline would cement itself in racing culture. In 1965, the brand continued to position itself in racing legend when it introduced the world's first racing oil. The product's innovative competition benefits propelled it to become, and remain to this day, the best-selling racing oil of all time. Today, Valvoline™ teams race in numerous high-performance series worldwide.

The entire build will be highlighted in a digital series that will be exclusive on OFF-ROAD LIVE! this fall.

Visit Valvoline's recently launched OFF-ROAD LIVE! website for updates, auto-related content, videos and more.


The Premiere Desert Racing Authority. Every Monday, 4PM WEST 7 EAST.

Based in Southern California, the Home of Off-Road Racing & Recreation, The Desert Tower Studios in the BIG BAD DESERT! 


Valvoline is a leading worldwide producer and distributor of premium-branded automotive, commercial and industrial lubricants, and automotive chemicals. It ranks as the #2 quick-lube chain and #3 passenger car motor oil brand in the United States. The brand operates and franchises nearly 1,050 Valvoline Instant Oil ChangeSM centers in the United States. It also markets ValvolineTM lubricants and automotive chemicals; MaxLifeTM lubricants created for higher-mileage engines, SynPowerTM synthetic motor oil; and ZerexTM antifreeze. Key customers include: retail auto parts stores and mass merchandisers who sell to consumers; installers, such as car dealers, repair shops and quick lubes; commercial fleets; and distributors.

  LIVE! Every Monday HERE at 4PM WEST

Sunday, May 01, 2016

KING of BAJA ROSARITO Zoo September 12-18, 2016 ***Race being floated as the "20th Annual"SCORE Rosarito Beach Desert Challenge***

Gary Newsome, Editor
From La Paz, BCS, Mexico.
The Capital of Off-Road Racing 



EXCLUSIVE INSIDER INTERVIEW with Jim Ryan, SCORE International Marketing Chief/Jefe. Conducted April 30, 2016, in Southern California USA.

Most importantly, the event in Rosarito Beach in September this year will be a 35 mile "race course", a 'point-to-point-loop', being held nearer to Puerto Nuevo, Baja California, Mexico. Ceremonial festivities will be held "on the beach", in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico.

Roger Norman earlier described the start and finish of this event being held at Papas & Beer, in Rosarito. Very important, because the Ampudia family will be the new owners of SCORE International, after the Baja 1000 2017. Presumably, the "50th 'SCORE' Baja 1000".

Jim, gave our reporter the course map for the 2016 Baja 500, which we'll make public, when we get back to Ensenada, after our work is done, here in La Paz.

At this point, Jim said, because of all the fallout from the 'Baja Sur 500 Fiasco', the event will stay in Baja California "NORTE". Not going to La Paz.

The pending sale of the organization is directly tied to all of these events.

During last years Baja 1000, the sale of SCORE was supposed to be announced. At the last minute, Roger held off, to try to get more out of the buyers, the Ampudias, of Ensenada and La Paz. Roger thought he was leaving something on the table.

This SCORE 'Rosarito' offering is a rip-off of this local event.

Now, after the 'fiasco in La Paz', the value of the sale has dropped, in half!

Jim went on to say, they know they haven't been doing race events in Rosarito for twenty years.

More with Jim Ryan, later...

2015 was publicized as a public event, then cancelled at the last minute...EXCLUSIVE CONTENT! CLICK HERE! RePosted! May 1, 2016.
Was cancelled, post was locked at that time, in 2015.

Why was 2015 cancelled? We'll find out and report to you HERE.

2014 went off without a hitch, as a private event.

SEE THE 'ROSARITO ZOO' coverage for 2013 CLICK HERE. Same race course, nearly and concept, exactly. Glad to see SCORE in Rosarito Beach, but jeez, SCORE steals this event from the locals, slimey as slimey gets! 


FIRST COVERED & SPONSORED BY Baja Safari in 2007. Rosarito Beach? We Luv-It! CLICKY 


KING of BAJA Dos Mares 500 April 29 - May 1, 2016


Jaime Huerta (175 Racing)Takes Dos Mares 500 2016!

More results LOADING NOW...

 Caguamos Racing, second place truck finisher

Rudy Amaya in his Class 1 was the first in his class, across the finish line.

Jaime Huerta, crossing the finish. First truck to complete the event at the old finish line, just outside of town.

399x First To Finish! MOTO HITS THE MALECON! 


Promotional Video for this years racing...

RaceDay in the 'Land of Two Seas!'

Perfect racing conditions and crazy lust over Baja South making for another Wild West shootout, here in the Capital of Off-Road!

*A local family, racing family, in Dos Mares 500.

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