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Sunday, July 05, 2015

"NO BIKES!" Roger Norman Wanted FIA Racing Sanction In Mexico, with "No Motorcycles", in 2010. Expert witness Tells THE COMPLETE OUTRAGE NOW!

Dateline Ensenada, Baja Mexico; June 30.

The Full, Unadulterated Story Behind Roger Norman and his control of recent safety helicopter decisions and SCORE International's Moto Safety Collapse

UPDATE July 5: Now, we understand why Roger Norman no longer places a helicopter with the lead bikes in his "circus".

In 2010, Roger reached out to several people in desert racing, describing his interest to start a new racing sanction, with "No Bikes"

A race organization affiliated with FIA and not, BITD or SCORE.

He never wanted the bikes. Way before the purchase of SCORE was done, Norman was formulating desert off-road racing with the unlimiteds, only.

This information also explains Normans disdain for the sportsman classes. In one of his first TV productions, it said in the script, "Baja racing is really only a handful of racers", the Trophy Trucks. Maybe including Class 1's.

Since his ownership of SCORE, he has priced out everyone, except the unlimiteds.

The SCORE decision to eliminate the lead bike safety chopper at his first Baja 1000 is the glaring proof, that Roger Norman doesn't want all of the classes without cages.

His entry pricing structure is also eliminating sportsman from racing in SCORE. 

Roger Normans pricing also explains his attempt to control every media aspect of SCORE. The confidential expert witness also told more>>> 

It's not him saving money. It's not his ego saying he knows more than others on how to operate a desert off-road race. He just never wanted 'uncaged' competitors in his events. 

He also has no respect for smaller budget teams and sportsmen racers.

That's all!

It fully explains why, after the death of Kurt Caselli, numerous bike racer and team complaints, public and private and the recent Honda crash in the Baja additional chopper support has been dedicated to the lead bikes. Simple.

Roger Norman has also reflected his own beliefs on the unlimited team owners. Our confidential expert source, surmised, "Roger wants to be known as Gods gift to racing, he thinks every unlimited racer wants to blown up to "World" or 'Global', status".

Therefore, those unlimited teams should be willing to do all of their 'desert racing marketing' with his, SCORE. 

Rogers SCORE goal, racing sanction and 'media empire'. TV ads, online videos and social media. What was the FIRST thing Rogers SCORE accomplished, they set up their YouTube account!

Are all of the unlimiteds, megalomaniacs in need of media hype? Of course not. To the point, the safety decisions by the current SCORE organization are in need of serious, public review. 

We'll explain the video here...


Gary Newsome, Editor 

CABO 1000 2015 New Video Posted! NEW VIDEO POSTED

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

OFF-ROAD LIVE!***June 29, 4PM



MONSTER Mike Reporting ON THE BEACH in San Diego CALI!

LIVE! Del Mar Fair Coverage HERE! 

MONSTER Mike Reporting ON THE BEACH in Del Mar

Where is the community heading? Trophy Golf Carts! You need proof?
Burt and Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner backdoors into off-road 'trophy golf carts'.
The Terracross Racing events being held at the Del Mar Fair were reviewed on June 25 & 26th.
Self described "professional race car driver, radio host, media personality, brand ambassador and motorsports announcer/emcee", Jimmy Beaver demonstrated his racing skills Thursday, by rolling his rig twice, during practice. 

ON THE BEACH, Del Mar Fairgrounds

The Terracross Racing Series events of this weekend are clearly best suited for pre-existing venues, with guaranteed crowds. 

The competition is fast and furious on this fury road of racing passion. Mad Max would be pleased! The racers are genuine and fun loving. The fan autograph session was open and interesting, with Jimmy Beaver dispensing driving advise to other racers. After flipping his rig, that is.  The racing gals had their acts together, with hero cards and smiles in copious amounts.

In a motorsports world of challenging sponsor budgets and many racers avoiding moto risks, the benefits of getting a race seat in this series is obvious. Terracross is a great racing platform to move to bigger race hot-lights.

The series has uniform factory manufactured safety systems and competition platforms. The racers are showing exciting side by side racing, in wheels the average consumer can jump into easily.

I spoke briefly with Ronnie Faisst, a cool racer, enjoying the competition in the Terracross Series and the action in Del Mar, California, today Friday, June 26. He talked about his great race experiences, X-Games and Free Style Moto chops. He underlined the racing here is fun, inexpensive and the venues are trick, with Charlotte North Carolina and Del Mar, California USA, gleaming in the motorsports spotlight.

Jason Ellis gagged on the racing, not making the finals. 

Jeremy 'Twitch' Stenberg, a very cool cat, today, Friday, June 26, made his way up to third place, midway in the finals. After the racing, Jeremy, family and friends strolled the San Diego County Fair with their first stop, the reggae booth "One World", good vibe mon, yea mon. He did have on his High top, spliff socks!

Be sure to listen to Mikes OFF-ROAD LIVE! AUDIO Reports for the 'Twitch' Jeremy Stenberg Interview, race results and more! 
Del Mar Fair Terrcross Racing Series June 26, 2015 FINAL RESULTS ON THE BEACH
RJ Anderson and Sarah Price, The Big Winners at Del Mar

Del Mar Fair Terracross Racing Series Action


Monday, June 29, 2015

Red Bull Mint 400 Best in the Desert Bryce Menzies Polaris RZR NBC Sports National Broadcasting Company IRC International Racing Consultants


Mad Media Ignores Race & Safety Disaster at their MINT 400, continues!
Gary Newsome


Let's see how long Michelin will put up with the flatbiller antics of the "Great American Race".

We know Continental was willing to put up with all the asshat antics because of their SHIT tires. But, is the worldwide tire empire of MICHELIN willing to get its face smashed in with the "MINT 400 Safety Disaster CoverUp" wooden bat?! 

Major Off-Road racing insider sez, "the BLM has told him, one more mistake during these races and racing in the Nevada deserts will end forever!"

Tim Sanchez Dirt Exploits Ended after wasting BFGoodrichs funds

We get to bury these mega corporations, NOW! Like Michelin and Red Bull. Flatbillers Joey D and Mad Media, The Story, HERE

Reporting Began on June 25, 2015, "A Day That Will Live In Infamy!" 

 Fair Warning. Baja Racing News is embarking on territory outside of Mexico, inside the minds of those who think they're controlling the off-road community.

The 'Like-Friend'-Zillionaires living on the false belief of FaceBook. We've interviewed Michelin executives and one of our reporters was embedded in various desert race operations for the last fifteen years.
      Joey DiGiovanni, CEO of, why is it that all UTV Underground guys all weigh in at 300 pounds at 4 foot in height? This is the pro crew, associated with Mad Media taking over Baja, drunk and in "array". No wonder German Motorsports bailed out, just the start of the DISASTER.

Millionaire Bryce Menzies, Red Bull money recipient has "won" the MINT 400, on bad data

The 'community' continues to allow Brett Sloppy to enter desert races under false names. The very same people who last week started a 'new takeover of Baja', with Jackson Motorsports and their representation of BFGoodrich Tires.

This sport is devolving into a big, fat, 'my party is bigger than your party CF'. 

Mad Media can't keep up with their T-Shirt orders! WAFJ:


OFF-ROAD LIVE! is covering the story of the Red Bull Mad Media MINT 400 Tracking Units COVERUP, the BIGGEST desert off-road racing story, since the California 200 racing deaths!

Let's review! At last years Mint 400, Best In The Desert allowed numerous racers, out on the course, without trackers. Numerous teams were issued trackers that didn't work. There were racing incidents in the event, that were not covered by the sanctioners rules. Robby Gordon is quoted as saying, "No-one knows who REALLY won this race!"

Remember what the hack Jimmy Beaver said: "The entire first lap was madness. I saw more rollovers and broken cars than any race I have ever been in. In the past 3 years of racing the Mint I have to say that the dry lake beds have absolutely scared the **** out of me. 125 mph blind for a few miles, with very little for course markings, and power lines mixed in is not fun. I love this event, but I will say it is amazing someone hasn't been in a serious crash on the dry lakes yet. There could be a 20 car pileup and you would never know until you crashed in to the pile." Maybe that's why its named 'MAD Media'!

I'll be deep in the cotton candy of the Martelli Brothers and Joey D. I have my HazMat suit on and I've been sealed away from every known internet bacterium and virus. I'm ready!
The Cotton Candy of Mad Media, Delusion

When Frank DeAngelo invited, to become a part of the "enthusiast network" of theirs, we declined. So that we could write this story, in its entirety. No holds barred. BFGoodrich is expected to take over BITD tire sponsorships, next race season. This item was denied this morning, by Frank. Another, Steve Myersism.

On the instructions of 'some' in the desert racing community, they say, "don't talk to". Not because we get the story wrong, but because we get the story right.

Wait until to hear, THE REST OF THE STORY>>> EXCLUSIVE


LIVE ! KING OF BAJA San Felipe 250 June 26-28, Baja Racing News LIVE! ON THE BEACH FINISH LINE!

The Team Robbots Motorsports receiving the prize:

-- The first place class 12.
-- Overall cars.

Race Results Record Ensenada-San Felipe 250 2015

Open Class
#74 Ryan Rodenberger, 04:47:40

Class 10
1006 Salvador Torres, 04:41:24

Clase 12
1211 Jesus de la Torre, 04:26:08

Class 16
1602 Jose Ruvalcaba, 04:32:48

Class 7
701 Gustavo Salazar, 04:47:50

Clase 8
803 Alberto Gomez, 06:03:41

Class 5/1600
551 Salvador Carrillo, 05:03:53

Class 7sx
721 Oscar Solaiza, 05:01:59

Class 5
501 Mario Estrella, 05:55:21

Class 14
1497 Fausto Moreno, 04:58:34

Class 18
1803 David Martinez, 06:56:08

1903 Rodolfo Rivera, 06:50:43

Class 11
1102 Noe Gutierrez, 05:38:20

1505 Christyan Samano, 05:13:57

S99 Ricardo Rodriguez, 05:58:05

Motos Pro
6x Francisco Septíen, 04:11:49

Motos SPT
471 Arnulfo Verdugo, 04:41:46

1A Juan Pablo Gonzalez, 05:07:11

Q2 Guillermo Berenguer, 05:20:34

ATV Safari
N1 Israel Jimenez, 06:01:36


KING OF BAJA San Felipe 250 , 2015


Clase Abierta .::. Total 5
Abrham Legaspy San Quintin, BC 101
Gabriel Arce Ensenada, BC 49
Scott Shields El Cajon, CA 147
Eduardo Guitron 104
Chris Miller Santee, CA 105

Clase 10 .::. Total 7

Ely Yee Rosarito, BC 1001
Marcos Romo Ensenada, BC 1002
Miguel Cortez San Diego, CA 1003
Javi Buelna Jr San Luis, SON 1004
Eliat Cabrales Delgado Ensenada, BC 1005
Eliseo Garcia Ensenada, BC 1075
Daniel Reyes Jr. Heber, CA 1099

Clase 12 .::. Total 13
Hector Garcia Imperial Beach, CA 1201
Alberto Medina Ayon Mexicali, BC 1202
Juan Gallo San Felipe, BC 1203
Felix Eduardo Jaime Garcilazo Ensenada, BC 1204
Luis Barragan Mexicali, BC 1205
Tavo Pinuelas Mexicali, BC 1206
Mike Aguilar Chula Vista, CA 1207
Ricardo Torres Escamilla San Felipe, BC 1208
Jesus Gonzalez Jr Ensenada, BC 1209
Miguel Tornel Tijuana, BC 1210
Jesus De La Torre Mexicali, BC 1211
Martin Lizarraga Tijuana, B. C. 1298
Jorge Sainz Mexicali, BC 1299

Clase 16 .::. Total 12
Marco Antonio Marquez Ensenada, BC 1601
Jose Ruvalcaba Ensenada, BC 1602
Pablo Jauregui Jimenez Ensenada, BC 1603
Ruben Sañudo San Felipe, BC 1604
Ernesto Arambula Ensenada B. C. 1605
Juan Naranjo Corona, CA 1606
Carlos Escobedo Ensenada BC 1607
Ramiro Escobedo Ensenada, BC 1608
Edson Cruz Ensenada, BC 1609
Hector Ramos Tsuchiya Ensenada, BC 1610
Faisal Diaz Ensenada, BC 1697
Roberto Ruiz Downey, CA 1698

Clase 7 .::. Total 14
Gustavo Salazar Ensenada, BC 701
Julio Cesar Abril Ensenada, BC 702
Bradlee Looney Campo, CA 703
Carlos Genaro Cazares Canett Guerrero Negro, BCS 704
Bill Kellison San Diego, CA 705
Brandon Walsh Encinitas, CA 706
Jaime Gonzalez Tijuana BC 707
Enrique Sandoval Ensenada, BC 708
Perry McNeil San Diego, CA 709
Luis Gutierrez Ensenada, BC 710
Edy Legaspy San Quinton, BC 711
Javier Manzo Tijuana, BC 712
Emanuel Vazquez Ensenada, BC 718
Daniel Katsurayama Ensenada, BC 719

Clase 8 .::. Total 3
John Ehmke Santee, CA 801
Juan Ramon Silva Ensenada, BC 802
Lic. Alberto Gomez Guitron Ensenada, BC 803

Clase 5 Open .::. Total 1
Mario Estrella Caborca, SON 501

Clase 5-1600 .::. Total 19
Salvador Carrillo Maneadero, BC 551
Javier Gomez Delgadillo Mexicali, BC 552
Ernie Negrete San Diego, CA 553
David Heredia Ensenada, BC 554
Jorge A. Martinez C. Ensenada, BC 555
Dave Simpson Redlands, CA 556
Ivan Garcia Ensenada BC 557
Octavio Zamora Lopez Ensenada, BC 550
Hugo Zerecero Chula Vista, CA 559
Fabian Aros Torres Ensenada, BC 560
Gustavo Aviña Ensenada, BC 561
Tito Martinez Ensenada, BC 562
Sergio Moreno Tijuana, BC 593
Jorge A. Gutierrez El Cajon, CA 594
Miguel Rosales Ensenada, BC 595
Rafael Manjarrez Ensenada B.C. 596
Jozef Aguayo Cannon Ensenada, BC 597
Emilio Salcido Mexicali, BC 598
Alejandro Medina Camacho Maneadero, BC 599

Clase 7 Stock .::. Total 13
Oscar Solaiza Estrada Ensenada, B. C. 721
Willie Valdez Ensenada, BC 722
Fernando Ruiz Norwalk, CA 723
Miguel Sandoval Ensenada, BC 720
Ivan Ptacnik Ensenada, BC 725
Sergio Duron Jr San Diego, CA 726
Rodrigo Martinez Zapien San Ignacio, BCS 727
Ramon Torres Gonzalez Ensenada, BC 728
Mario Alberto Moreno Ceja Ensenada, BC 729
Julio Cesar Gutierrez Verdugo Ensenada, BC 730
Hector Cazarez Ensenada, BC 731
George Maciel West Covina, CA 732
Omar Rucobo Lopez Mexicali, BC 733

Clase 14 .::. Total 8
Efren Moctezuma Presichi Ensenada, BC 1401
Aldair Cruz Ensenada, BC 1402
Benjamin Lopez Tijuana, BC 1403
Viry Felix Ensenada, BC 1404
Kevin Andres Sanchez Ensenada, BC 1405
Fausto Moreno Ensenada B. C. 1497
Esteban Reyes Ensenada, BC 1498
Rafael sotelo Ensenada, BC 1499

Clase 18 .::. Total 5
Gilberto Garcia Leyva Ensenada, BC
MJ Kennedy Lakeside, CA 1802
David Martinez Tijuana, BC 1803
Jose Roberto Aguilar San Felipe, BC 1804
Martin Alcaraz Eescondido, CA 1899

Clase 9 .::. Total 1
Nombre Ciudad Numero
Pedro Lopez Tijuana,BC

Clase 15 .::. Total 13
Everardo Aguayo Ensenada, BC 1501
Juan Rios Ensenada, B. C. 1502
Ivan Sevilla Lugo Ensenada, BC 1503
Juan Arballo San Diego, CA 1504
Christyan Samano Camarena Ensenada, BC 1505
Juan Jose Quintero Ensenada, BC 1506
Osmark Samano Camarena Tijuana, BC 1593
Manuel Licon Payanes Vicente Guerrero 1594
Erick Ocegueda Maneadero, BC 1595
Edgar Nuñez Mexicali, BC 1596
Jose Alejandro Robles Medina Ensenada, BC 1597
Omar Gonzalez Ensenada, BC 1598
Jose Angel Bustamante Ensenada, BC 1599

Clase 11 .::. Total 31
Juan Carlos Gomez Ensenada, BC 1101
Noe Alejandro Gutierrez Castañeda Ensenada, B. C. 1102
Mario Vazquez Ensenada, BC 1103
Rene Rodriguez Ensenada, BC 1104
Roberto Tapiz Gonzalez Ensenada, BC 1105
Adalberto Muñoz Jr Ensenada, B. C. 1106
Alejandro Marchena Miranda Ensenada, BC 1107
Ernesto Gonzalez Ensenada, B. C. 1108
Jose Manuel Bojorquez Paz Ensenada, BC 1109
Roberto Acevedo Ensenada, BC 1110
Juan Enrique Brambila Duran Ensenada, BC 1111
Ramon Bio Ensenada, BC 1112
Luis M Galindo Camton, CA 1113
Mauro Diaz Jamul, CA 1114
Jose Luis Arce Nuñez Ensenada, BC 1115
Raphael Rodriguez Montclair, CA 1116
Gilberto Arreola Mexicali, BC 1117
Mauro Rivera Ensenada, BC 1118
Esteban Ruiz Ensenada, BC 1119
Miguel Gaytan Ensenada, BC 1120
Christopher Sanchez Bañuelos Ensenada, BC 1121
Joaquin Garcia 1122
Adrian Navarro Hirata Ensenada, BC 1123
Adrian Guerrero Ensenada, BC 1124
Roberto Robles Mexicali, BC 1125
David Alfonso Garzon Carballo Ensenada, BC 1126
Luly Delgado Serrano Ensenada, BC 1195
Sergio Javier Madrueño Cervantes Ensenada, BC 1196
Gabriel Lopez Zamora Ensenada, BC 1197
Roberto Escobedo Avalos Ensenada, B. C. 1198
Luis Verduzco San Diego, CA 1199

Clase Safari .::. Total 15

Marco Antonio Valenzuela Ensenada, BC S1
Manuel Delgado Ensenada, BC S2
Edgar Flores Solis Ensenada, BC S4
Enrique Gomez Ensenada, BC S5
Juan Estrada Odessa, TX S6
Ramon Rodriguez Ensenada, BC S7
Jorge Arturo Pino Ensenada, BC S8
Victor Jose Llanes Almeida Ensenada BC S9
Hector Alcala Martinez Mexicali, BC S10
Francisco Xavier Ruiz Felix Ensenada, BC S11
Roberto Flores Luna Ensenada, BC S95
Jesus Manuel Montoya Novella Tijuana, BC S96
Ruben Vizcarra G|utierrez Ensenada, BC S97
Luis Eduardo Perez Sanchez Ensenada, BC S98
Ricardo Rodriguez Aguilar Ensenada, BC S99

UTV .::. Total 3
Julio Ramirez San Diego, CA 1901
Giovanni Ramos 1902
Rodolfo Rivera Chula Vista, CA 1903

Motos Pro .::. Total 8
Isaac Hernandez Ensenada, BC
Oswaldo Moncada Ensenada, BC 3X
Diego Alexis cota Medina Ensenada, BC 4X
Rodolfo Patron Tijuana, BC 5X
Francisco Septien Ensenada, BC 6X
Arnulfo Verdugo Jr San Felipe, BC 7X
Ricardo Munoz Jr Ensenada, BC 8X
Jason Wipperman Ensenada, BC 9X

Motos Sportman .::. Total 21
Felipe Jaramillo Rosarito, B. C. 100X
Alberto Ruiz Ensenada, B. C. 102X
Adan Garcia Ensenada, BC 103X
Abraham Mena Ensenada, BC 104X
Marco Antonio Higuera Sarabia Ensenada, BC 105X
Juan Humberto Rodriguez Ensenada, BC 106X
Carlos Silva Mexicali, BC 107X
Jashua Wipperman 108X
Brian Wipperman Ensenada, BC 109X
Hector Cardenas Ensenada, BC 110X
Alfonso Ruiz Baldwin Park, CA 111X
Eduardo Vargas Ensenada, BC 112X
Marco Maclish Murillo Ensenada, BC 113X
Anyel Vazquez Ensenada, BC 114X
Javier Pineda Aliso Viejo, CA 115X
Joaquin Platero Ensenada, BC 116X
Angel Nuño Mexicali, BC 117X
Ignacio Flores Ensenada, BC 118X
Raul Ortega Jr. Ensenada B.C. 119X
Adrian Valdez Tijuana. BC 135X
Agustin Souto Costa Mesa, CA 199X

Motos Safari .::. Total 8
Juan Villalobos Victorville, CA 1S
Ramon Terrazas San Diego, CA 2S
Mauricio Beltran Ensenada, BC 3S
Francisco Aldrete Valencia Tecate, BC 4S
Damian Porras Calderon 5S
Octavio Amador Estrada Ensenada, B. C. 6S
Mauri Herrera Ensenada, BC 7S
Aaron Ureña Rosarito, BC 99S

ATV Pro .::. Total 8
Isai Garcia Lara San Felipe, BC 2A
Angel Sanchez Chula Vista, CA 3A
Ramon Torres Ensenada, BC 4A
Miguel Olivas Alvarado Ensenada, BC 5A
Christian Fco. Vera Arauz Ensenada, BC 6A
Christian Rojas Tijuana, BC 7A
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Garnica Ensenada, BC 1A
Hector Orozco Moreno Valley, CA 99A

ATVSpt .::. Total 18
Guillermo Berenguer Lopez Mexicali, BC Q2
Adriana Anguis Mexicali, BC Q3
Edgar Gutierrez San Diego, CA Q4
Jose Contreras Tecate, BC Q5
Ernesto Garcia Carmona Ensenada, BC Q6
Francisco Garcia Ensenada, BC Q1
Christopher Avalos Yuma, AZ Q8
Tonny Villanueva Tijuana, BC Q9
Oskar Espinoza Elias Ensenada, BC Q10
Sergio Fuentes Ensenada, B. C. Q11
Rolando Cabrera Ramona, CA Q12
Jhan Carlos Carmona Ensenada, BC Q13
Juan Martinez Ensenada, BC Q14
Danny Magdaleno Acton, CA Q15
Alejandro Amador Ensenada BC Q16
Gerardo Cabrera Ramona, CA Q17
Antonio Amador Ensenada, BC Q18
Rudy Flores Ensenada, BC Q99

ATV Safari .::. Total 3
Israel Jimenez Tijuana, BC N1
Erick Vallejo Navarro Ensenada, BC N2
Efrain Mozqueda Ensenada,BC N3

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


LIVE! COYOTE 300 2015  
La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico


UPDATED! June 24, 2015; RACE BULLETIN! La Paz, Baja California Sur., Mex- 

With an exceptional performance, the Air-pilot, Julio Verdugo, of Team Aero Calafia, was the overall winner of the XXI edition of the race Off Road "Coyote 300", which took place yesterday in the Municipality of La Paz and unfortunately was overshadowed by the deaths of a young quad racer and a spectator.

As expected the race was well attended taking the green flag in the KM 36 a total of 117 cars, according to results released at the finish line located ON THE BEACH at "El Tecolote" given as overall winner Julio Verdugo with a time of 3 hours, 27 minutes and 39 seconds. The second place went to Samuel Araiza 3:29:28 and third, Edgar Romero 3:31:28.

Onsite Team Calafia Air pilot, Julio Verdugo aboard his unit # 188, Class 1, achieved the fastest time of the competition taking a difference of only 11 seconds over Andres Ruffo of the Trophy Truck.

This important result Verdugo July, it gets back in contention for the title of Class 1 in the Official Championship off Road Standing Committee, representing the "Coyote 300," the fourth round.

In the main Trophy Truck, imposed conditions Andres Ruffo with a time of 3 hours, 27 minutes and 50 seconds, finishing second Francisco "Nacho" Monroy with 3:31:23.

Antonio Castro took Class 2 with a time of 3:41:57, second ended Juan Carlos de Jesus Jimenez 4:00:54 and third was Edgar Morales 4:04:05. Class 8 Enemesio belonged to Alfonso Lopez Jaime 3:44:54 and 4:32:50 second started.

Javier Montoya was the winner in Class 17, with 3:39:16, followed by Jesus Contreras 3:47:34 and third was Hector Olmos 3:47:36. In class 7 a protest by a pass road was presented, so today will be announced the official positions.

In Stock Mini the best was Luis Yuen, Giovanny Lucero second and third Helladius Careaga. In Class 14 Juan Sandoval was the winner, followed by Rigoberto Castro and Jose Ignacio Marquez.

Enrique Zazueta Jr. was the winner in Class 5-1600 Gustavo Nava. In Class 15, Pedro Perez Pliego was the first to receive the checkered flag and then Luis Armando Castro and Marco Medina.

Stock in Class 8, the place of honor was for Jorge and Jaime Abaroa. In Class 9, Francisco Valdez. In Class 18, Julio Garza and second, Jorge Angel Macias. In the Class 11, Joel Esliman second Fernando Gabriel García Ojeda and won.

Read more »

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Monday, June 22, 2015


Bright Midnight

Lots of readers thought when we mentioned OFF-ROAD LIVE! was bringing up the subject of 'Bright Midnight' we were talking about the middle of the moonlit night, in a remote part of the Baja desert. We are, but the subject is much more than comes into focus, at first glance.

Our teams personal experiences, traveling south of the border is a shared 'Frontier' experience. All the old-timey West Coast desert races started at Midnight!

After eleven years of desert racing historical research, writing and celebrating, the "Baja Crew" is looking forward to spending more time on the beach and missing the libraries and books of desert racing and adventurers past.

We'll be at Ensenada at Estero Beach, San Felipe at Rockodile, La Paz at Owl Beach and on the Golden sands of Cabo San Lucas just this month, reporting on the finish lines of the best Baja desert racing in the history of Mexico! The Ensenada To San Felipe classic, with RECORD Racing. The Coyote 300 in La Paz with Coyote Pits and the new CABO 1000 to Lands End on the Golden Sands of the Cape of the Land of Two Seas!

On the old Baja license plates, the text always included FRONTBC, or Frontier, Baja California. Designating the state of Baja California. The state in the north along the US border, thus the frontier. Norte.

The frontier people of Baja Mexico, overcame hardship by being thrifty and their gracious shared daily living. That's what brings racers from around the globe to this region and returns them, often. Sure, the landscape and passion of racing does too, but the people are the true treasure!

Bright midnight is the teams 'light-bulb' going off. It is the full moon night, but its also a celebration of the frontier spirit we all encounter in travel. It's the brilliant, beaming spirit of the people we all encounter in travel, the wise and knowing simple folk, who transform our life experience. Often, their spirit shows through at the darkest hour, when no hope is on the dark horizon.

The people of Baja Mexico who have overcome the frontier challenge of an incredible, hostile land. The peninsula, we all know. Our goal this month, on the show, will be to deliver shared experiences of the people of Mexico and the land of the lower peninsula, lower California, Baja.

Much of the BAJA-OFF-ROAD experience is how and why you get to your destination. Our team is agreed, however, there must be a destination. Often, its the beach. 

OFF-ROAD LIVE! will be including more coastal experiences, the surf culture, in our reporting. We look forward to you joining us on our journey, our Safaris, online every Monday at 4 PM.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Scam Steele Dropped by MONSTER Energy! Recent race event non-participation gives up Desert Assassins truth, Joe Parsons sez Gyped!?

UPDATE! June 27, 2015

MONSTER Energy has allowed Cameron to pull out of several Roger Normans SCORE events. For clarification, Scam is skeered of racing anymore.

He's rolled so many times and now his wife, another former 'racer', BBBBBWWWWWAAAAA  has baby jobers, its time for the long walk of shame.

Sorry for the alarm, Get Well Cameron!

First Story posted June 17, 2015

Cameron Steele, known by everyone in desert racing as "Scam", has been dropped by their title sponsor, Monster Energy.

First Reported, June 17, 2015

When asked about the end of sponsorships to the Desert Assassins, known as the "Asses", Joe Parsons said, the energy company was "Gyped!?"

Monster has further acted to end other support for a number of desert racing events. One spokesman for the holding company of Monster said, "when we announced we were taking over Baja and were moving forward to support the sport, we had no idea what a pile of shit the industry was".

One example of non-performance of the asses, CLICK HERE is this roll-over at the MINT 400 this year. Cameron Steele has rolled his truck so many times now, he is reportedly undergoing numerous medical reviews after the countless accidents.

The Desert Asses, who Scam leads, has not shown up for the last two SCORE International events, for the record, sources have been telling us Monster is following other named sponsors, out the door of sponsoring, these racers and these race events.