Saturday, February 26, 2005

Good Morning San Felipe!

LIVE RACECAST from San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. Lots of locals have lined the streets here at the "the Arches", the gateway into San Felipe. The Bikes and Quads are lined up for starting this morning and moments ago, starts have begun. Clear skies and cool temps greeted the racers this morning, near the Sea of Cortez at the gateway of this fishing town. What was described as a couple of water holes in an arroyo with lots of vultures thirty years ago, is now a thriving tourist town with lots of places to grab a quick seafood breakfast.

Down on the Malecon, the street that runs along the coast in front of bars, restaurants and other tourist establishments, the smell of deep fried shrimp, fish and other fresh seafood lingers in the air. Along with the smell of coffee. At the starting line, right at the gateway into San Felipe, the racers have had their meals, repairs and preparations. The race is starting now as a bike or quad ramps up their motor every minute or so as they are given the green flag to start!

Race pit to pit results will be online around 11 AM PST, so stay tuned! We are LIVE in San Felipe reporting the Baja San Felipe 250 Offroad Race for the Baja Racing News.