Thursday, March 03, 2005

Americans Racing in Mexico

Baja Racing News, Mexico City-A couple of great quotes listed in a NASCAR story for this Sundays MEXICO 200 Race. About the event in Mexico. "Despite scheduling the race, NASCAR officials have gone out of their way to caution competitors and media about straying away from "the group" while in Mexico. (NASCAR) has also organized group hotels, secured mass transit with armed guards and a hauler convoy to get the teams equipment to Mexico City en masse." All excellent points when racing in Mexico. Better safe, than sorry.

"Obviously, I've had friends of mine (the classic cover story, it wasn't me-it was a friend of mine!) that have got in trouble in Mexico before (and) you don't want to get in trouble down there (sounds like a personal experience) they still have speed limits." (maybe on the mainland, but not on the desert race courses of BAJA! Aribba!)