Thursday, June 09, 2005

Austin Farner put other racers in danger, SCORE

First Reported June 9, 2005:
SCORE Blasts Austin Farner as threat to race safety

The SCORE Press Release:

"Austin Farner, Vista, Calif., who was originally recognized as the winner of the Sportsman Truck class at last weekend’s 37th Tecate SCORE Baja 500 desert race, was disqualified today by SCORE International race officials. “After checking the stubcans at the finishline and information provided us by our checkpoint crews and Mr. Farner’s own admission that he never intended to run the entire course,” said Sal Fish, SCORE President and CEO, “we have determined that his actions were detrimental to the safety of the race, forcing us to disqualify him as a participant in the race.”

When checkpoint stubs are missing from unofficial finishers at the finish line, SCORE must review the detailed paperwork provided from individual checkpoints along the course. Because certain checkpoints were closed prior to Farner’s arrival late Saturday night at the finish line, SCORE wasn’t able to verify until Tuesday that Farner never went through five of the 10 checkpoints used for the grueling 428.52-mile race. “We regret that Mr. Farner put himself and other competitors in precarious safety situations by blatantly disregarding the spirit as well as the letter of the rules by participating in a SCORE desert race as an official entry and behave this way."

Get your head out of your ass Farner

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing