Friday, May 26, 2006

La Paz Officially named "Capital Of Offroad"

La Paz, BCS- Just months after the marketing of the first CABO 500 Offroad race and one month after a story here, in the Baja Racing News officials here in La Paz have named the area as "The Capital Of Offroad".

What is really behind the official decrees is simple. One company, one person, continues to try to control all offroad activities in Baja Sur. This person continues to pay off officials and use the corrupt PRD political structure in Baja Sur for its own control. Control over the local offroad clubs and the State Association is the naked corrupt goal of this company and person.

La Paz is "The Capital Of Offoad". But, using it for one persons gain at the expense of the offroad community in general is immoral. Small companies, racers and fans are being squashed by the controlled actions of dirty PRD politicians and government officials.