Monday, August 07, 2006

Loreto 400 August 19-20


Clase 1

Pepe vizcaíno

Clase 8
Stanley Burns

Clase 12
Toby y Julio Verdugo

Clase 7
Humberto Osuna

Clase 5 Libre
Juan Carlos de Jesús Jiménez

Clase 1600
Roberto Aramburo

Clase 5-1600
Carlos Genaro Cázares

Clase 8-S
Samir Rivera

Clase 6
Roberto Hinaraja

Clase 9
Víctor Barreda

Clase 11
Salvador Sánchez

The Spectacular LORETO 400 is the next big race in Southern Baja, Mexico. The course is a classic desert offroad race. Commondu, San Javier and the olde maiden of Baja herself, Loreto. This race is the introduction to a big race year for the mission town. In November the big dogs of offroad will be slamming through town for the first time in history. Baja Racing Newswas the first to announce the Loreto section of the route this year.

Dont miss the LORETO 400, a great race!