Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Classic TECATE BEER Moments on Baja Racing News

2005 SAN FELIPE 250

Desert Bull Racing no trannie no checkie

LIVE RACECAST, Team Desert Bull Racing, #578, with Tim at the controls, never made it to Checkpoint 1. Blown Transmission. After frantic internet attempts to locate the vehicle and figure out why #578 never made it to Checkpoint 1, the news came on the Weatherman radio, at about 2 PM. When the team radioed in to the Weatherman, "we would like to run the rest of the course", the controller Weatherman responded, "we'd rather you not".
Rock On! Baja Racing News

A TECATE BEER moment...

LIVE RACECAST, A bike rider at the "V" race pit wants a ride from the pit because he's out of the race with a BROKEN WRIST! What response does he get from HIS OWN TEAM. "Tell him to get on the bike and ride!". Obviously, the team doesn't want to fetch him. Thankfully, another team calls the Weatherman and offers a ride to the rider. Only at Baja Race News.

2006 Baja 500

A TECATE BEER Baja 500 Moment...

"Jungle Balls Jim" gets on the WEATHERMAN channel and Bob tells him to get off the channel, and "go scratch himself"!

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