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Dos Mares is the Dos Muertos.

Baja Sur Racing Feeds on Itself

BY: Patricio Osio, La Paz

February 14, 2008

La Paz eats its own young!

Reports that Baja Sur racers would reunite for 2008 were overly optimistic. The effort attempted to close the gash between some big egos and unpaid bills, it didn't work. Some races will be co-run. Everyone is watching behind the cactus at who will pass into nothing this race year. Many local teams are skinny to bones this year.

The government hosed Pro Baja with the schedule lies before the Baja 1000 and they never recovered. The locals may not not know it, but, the scumbags in La Paz dealt a blow to the local off roaders with the schedule change that they will never recover. The public relations disaster following the date changes made La Paz look like they were bought off. And everyone knows, they were.

All the crime in Mexico, the distance of the haul from the states and the juvenile handling of the local races, guarantees La Paz will never see the big races. Never. Thats why everyone gets out of La Paz. The real victims are those who are forced to remain and put up with the stench of the bloated, oozing slime of official La Paz.

And you Americans reading this text, give it up, you'll never get what happens on the ground in the capital of Baja Sur. Its simple and its complicated. Simple, Bad old fashioned Mexicano extortion. Very bad. Complicated, how much some local people are paid off to do what. Off road racing in Mexico? Are you crazy?!?


Ricardo Diaz and Poncho Castro were killed at the "Dos Muertos" offroad race in La Paz, over the last three years. The race has a history of dead racers.

Above, is the photo of dead racer, Poncho Castro who perished at the race "dos muertos" the two dead race, in La Paz. The 13th Annual, 2006 Dos Mares race was graced with NO INJURIES NO DEATHS.

Last year, the 2006 race, despite a group of terrorists, who went over the northern section of the course and pulled off and destroyed course markers several times. The 2006 race had no injuries and no deaths. A group of off road terrorists tried everything to destroy the 2006 race by destroying course markers. They video taped the acts and while video taping, they set the markers on fire! The final outrage, they put the video on the internet. All of last year, when they "promoted" with another offroad race organizer, this group ran every event in the red by $10,000.

This year, as Baja Racing News predicted, they are working with the fraud who stole the winnings of the American winner from the 2006 race.. A perfect match for southern baja offroad.

The UPDATED Original Story posted in October 2006.

With two dead racers and stolen award monies, the Dos Muertos is scandalized again for 2007.

Racers seek to take Carrillo off the races. One American racer gets paid his winnings but, another does not. Jim Mihal was paid his winnings from the 2006 race and Danny Anderson was not.

Both Danny Anderson and Jim Mihal did not attend the award ceremony of the 2006 dos muertos race they both competed in. Danny took first place overall and Jim Mihal didn't even make the podium. But, amazingly, Sabby Carrillo, responsible for paying the race winnings, travelled all the way to the United States and gave Mihal his award monies. And Danny Anderson STILL has not received his money. In fact, Jim Mihal was to be given a job in his shop in the United States to Sabby Carrillo's son, as a racing payoff to Carrillo and the corrupt to help coverup the crime.

Jim Mihal knowingly supported Carrillo, during the theft and after into a year!. He knows Carrillo has over $1000 US of Andersons money and that Carrillo had no intention of paying him. Mihal offered Carrillos son a job during this time. Coincidence, not!

La Paz racers of last years dos muertos race reported race markers were placed on the course and just days after, the one group opposed to the 2006 race took them down and videotaped and net-cast (on the internet) cut them apart and burned them. The official race course markings.

The Original Story

The race association, Salvador Carrillo Torres has stolen the prize money of American racer, dos mares winner, Danny Anderson! The La Paz Club supports the theft by not doing anything, maybe this is why

The dos mares race was on April 29, 2006. Why has Danny Anderson, the winner of the race overall and in Class One, has not been contacted by the La Paz Club who is responsible for the race and has not received his prize winnings? $10,000 nm! $1,000 US! According to the Federation of Mexico Offroad Racing in Mexico City, this is a serious violation of the sportsman Federation rules. In fact, Anderson should have received his winnings, within 15 days of his win.

Also, the official results of this race, the dos mares race in April 29, 2006, have never been published! This also is a violation of Federation rules. The association has been critisized for not providing the results to the public, as required in association and Federation rules! The club is intentionally not doing anything to get the money from Carrillo to Anderson. Are they trying to payoff Carrillo? Payoff Carrillo to cover up for the fact that no published results have ever been provided by the la paz club for the 2006 dos

Carrillo Fraude

In September 2005, Salvador Carrillo was forced to resign from the association because the racers lacked all respect for the association. The association reorganized and tried to fix the destitute organization after the failure of Carrillo. The organization has all of its rights suspended until a commission reviewed and cleared all of the scandal that Carrillo has produced. When racers came to La Paz to race, they were told about the corrupt organization of the la paz club and the association. In fact, many local teams told the Americans they were not racing because of Carrillo and Murrillo. Some National teams also said they were not racing in dos mares, even though it was a national championship race, because of the major problems for years.

Thief Carrillo steals Americans prize money for over a year!

Carrillo has had the prize money
due Anderson, for over a year! In fact, Carrillo admits he has the money. He has said he will get it to Anderson, but has failed to do so at this writing . As of October 22, 2006, over five months after the race, Carrillo and the La Paz Club still have not paid Danny Anderson his prize money! According to the Mexico Federation of Racing rules, the La Paz Club and Carrillo can lose all racing licenses for this outrage!

La Paz Club steals Death money of Poncho Alfonso Castro!

Shame on the La Paz Club. Bandit Carrillo, give Anderson his money! Another scandal for Murrillo, where are the race results? Where did the death money go, due to "Poncho" Alfonso Castro for his family, after his death in last years scandal laden dos mares race? Did Murillo steal Ponchos family death money? The quad racer was killed in last years race and bad emergency service killed him. And Ricardo Diaz was killed in the 2004 race. The scandal of dos mares for the last three years in the racers deaths, the death monies being stolen, lack of emergency services, no published race results and stolen racers money!

Ricardo Diaz and Poncho Castro were killed at the "Dos Muertos" offroad race in La Paz. The race has a history of dead racers.

Anderson wants his winnings and is protected by the sportsman Federation and association rules! It's very bad that scandal and theft is inside the offroad of sudbajacalifornia. Another scandal for Murillo. Bandito Carrillo is no stranger to scandal. Carrillo resigned his job with the association last year, when no results for races and stolen money were unacceptable. Many teams across the state have no trust in the association with Carrillo. That is why so few show up to the races.

Carrillo plans 2007 races with race promoters who had forced Carrillo to resign in September of 2005.

True. Carrillo was forced out by the same promoter he is working with this year and the same promoter who tried to destroy last years dos muertos race. Already reports of Carrillo and new partner are breaking up. Carrillo reportedly has said of his new partner, "Everything he touches turns to mierda". "Turns to shit".

UPDATED October 26, 2006

The deal is in! Carrillo and his new 'partner' are in a deal to do a six race series in 2007, as reported by Baja Racing News in the above article. The same promotor who attempted to destroy last years dos muertos race, are in a deal to work on the race this year.

Exclusive! Gary Newsome, Baja Racing