Friday, November 17, 2006

The Baja 1000 clean-up has begun

The black Baja night has descended onto the course once again. Finishers are celebrating into the night in La Paz. But, there are many racers in need of help on the course, trying to wrap the race.

747 is broke 5 km out of San Ysidro, with chase vehicles on the way to help. Some time ago, 92a at RM 860 and 719 were in the siltbeds helping each other get out. 808 was down at Gonzaga. 840 is stuck in the mud, RM? RM 960 and 964 are all in the silt beds need of extraction assistance.

Also mentioned tonight was a look out for a missing Billy Waters, not seen from in 28 hours.

ProTruck 299 was also missing, between Checkpoints 7 and 8.