Saturday, November 18, 2006

Desert Assasins Run BFG Projects on TT

Yes, its been confirmed, Cam Steele did run BFG Projects on the DA TT.

Not only was it obvious to onlookers at the start line in Ensenada, you can see them online, now, at the site that has Cam leaving the start line on video. The BFG tread pattern is glaring.

"That is a personal issue between the vehicle owners (cam & clyde) and the two tire manufactures .... no need to drum up this kind of drama on this big "stage" ... maybe some other time, you'll get your question answered", said a DA source online.

"They haven't felt comfortable enough with the 35's & 37's of yokie and have not severed ties with bfg .... nothing against yokie, they have been absolutly awesome supporters "all year" of the da .... and yes, heidi and vano have been wearing the yokie shoe on the 7 as well as pinkie and cheater on the buggies", he continued.

Another DA source, put some flesh on the DA bones story, "As of right now, the 1601 car is stuck in a silt bed.. not to mention the motor is in poor shape. I rode with trevor the first 355 miles. I was honestly impressed. I have ridden with drivers like Jamie Campbell and Cameron who are both loaded with talent and Trevor blew me out of the water.. we were first into Ojos and held third up until right befor Diablo Dry Lake when a tree stepped out right infromt of us. Caused a flat ( no big deal) but the then Altenator went. WE limped her into San Felipe where our buddys Mikey and Eric helped us change that out. Then we really wanted a new rear tire, we found a guy with a cool baja bug pre runner. Turns out he owns a hotel in S.F and we got to talking while the Alt was being switched out. He lets us take his bitchen chrome rim with a bead lock and swap it out with a crappy centerline front. That guy is my hero. We finally got her going. Just about every 30 miles after that we had to dump about 3 quarts of oil just to keep her happy. At this point we just wanted to get the car to the next driver in one peice. At CoCo's corner, the 7sx passed us while we were having the Yoko boys dump some oil. 10 miles later we nailed a 3 foot deep hole ( booby trap) going approx 40mph. Hurt my back a little. But OK. Then we saw the 7sx pulled over. I knew they had found the same thing. For whatever reason i could not hear them very well. They gave us the thumbs up so we kept going. Going through the wash i heard them asking for tools. and i told them i had them at the pit about 20 miles out . I though i heard them say ok. But i guess it was supposed to be " stop and help" haha sorry guys. I honestly couldnt hear you that well. We motored thorugh the Calamuje Wash which was by far the most insane thing ever. People were burried everywhere. HOPELESS. and we made it through. Then we lost a light and the wires crossed and we lost all power in the car. But Trevor just kept going and sure enough we were able to get our lights back going through El Cruccero. From there on till 355 we just crused ( while frezzing our a$$es off.) Over all it was an insane experience and im happy i did it. we couldnt of done it without the DA."