Friday, August 17, 2007

Patrick Chicas, "RICHARD CRANIUM". David Clark should be ashamed.

Baja Racing News EDITORIAL & NEWS REPORTS ON Patrick J. Chicas and his screwings


UPDATED: Patrick J Chicas:
Bankrupt and wants a Bailout""

Telecom groups run out of cash: Local companies file bankruptcy, hope to stay open

By John G. Edwards Las Vegas Review-Journal
Publication: Las Vegas Review-Journal (Nevada)
Date: Wednesday, June 16 2010

Jun. 16--Four local telecommunications companies filed for bankruptcy protection on Sunday but expect to continue in business , an attorney for the debtors said Tuesday.

CommPartners Holding Corp. and three affiliated companies petitioned for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, reporting $8.5 million in

Asked about prospects for CommPartners continuing operations after bankruptcy proceedings, attorney Gerald Gordon of Gordon Silver, said: “That’s our intention.”

CommPartners provides wholesale telecommunications services to other carriers around the United States. It also sells telecommunications services to small- and medium-size businesses, according to court papers.

The companies offer Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, services that use the Internet to carry voice communications.

Steven Tackes, a telecommunications lawyer and partner at Kaempfer Crowell Renshaw, said he was not familiar with the company but suggested it could be caught in the grey area between regulated and unregulated telecommunication services.

Vonage, a pure VoIP company, is mostly unregulated, but CommPartners appears to be using VoIP only for some of its businesses, which may subject it to state and federal regulatory oversight, Tackes said.

CommPartners leased equipment, which limits its ability to quickly adjust costs to match changes in revenues, Tackes said in an e-mail.

“When the recession hit and the growth went negative, those fixed costs remained. Even worse, as technology changes, many cannot keep up,” Tackes said.

Tackes said he was unsure whether CommPartners will survive or close its doors and be liquidated.

CommPartners counts 58 employees in its Las Vegas office at 8350 S. Durango Drive, Suite 200, plus 13 in 10 other states.

Maurice Gallagher, chairman and chief executive officer of Allegiant Travel Co., stepped down as chairman of the telecommunications holding company on June 11.

Allegiant is a separate company and is not affected by the bankruptcy filing.

Gallagher was a major investor in MGC Communications, which also did business as Mpower Communications in Las Vegas before it was sold a few years ago. Gallagher held key positions at WestAir and ValuJet, which now is called AirTran Holdings.

David Clark, chief executive officer and now chairman of CommPartners, worked as senior vice president at MGC and is a principal with Gallagher Equity Management.

CommPartners was founded in 2003 and was getting closer to profitability in recent years. It trimmed losses last year to $4.8 million from $7.6 million in the previous year.

However, CommPartnersÂ’ telecommunications traffic dropped sharply starting in March as large telecommunications carriers found a way to connect directly with each other and eliminate CommPartners as the middle man, the company said in court papers.

The companies face an array of legal and regulatory proceedings with other telecommunications companies, including AT&T, in state and federal courts as well as state regulatory bodies.""

Gary Newsome Editorial:

CommPartners also filed BK in 2004. That's how they roll, they take investors money, then throw it down a shitcan and bail on the investors. Welcome to Pat Chicas (Patrick J. Chicas)Financial Planning. Who's next to get hosed!

Baja Racing also has received reports that this pedophile has fled Nevada for Utah, to avoid prosecution.

Original Reporting:
May 1, 2008.

Since writing our story on how Patrick Chicas disrupts safety communications during SCORE races in Mexico, Patrick Chicas is using COMMPARTERS company computers for his personal purposes. Not to mention his numerous questionable internet activities. Drop us a line at be forewarned.

Best to take a closer look at this person. A much closer look, like, with a private investigator, if you are seriously considering doing business with COMMPARTNERS in association with Patrick Chicas of Las Vegas, Nevada.

And we thought Chicas was just another off-road race idiot.

David S. Clark of COMM PARTNERS ( in Las Vegas, Nevada) should be ashamed of themselves for being associated with Patrick Chicas.

Gary Newsome

February 15, 2008

Our last update, six months ago, proved our assertions. In his own words, Patrick J. Chicas, admitted he uses the weatherman channel for his own personal BS. It's a race safety issue.

Patrick Chicas has even invested his own company to promote Baja Racing Here's all about 'Richard cranium himself and the company that now 'promotes' Baja Racing

In his business bio:
"Patrick J. Chicas, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Patrick Chicas is the CTO and co-Founder of CommPartners. Mr. Chicas has 23 years of experience in telephony, data, and wireless communications.
While at PacTel Cellular (now Verizon), Mr. Chicas engineered and implemented the first cellular fraud control systems. At GTE Mobilnet (now Verizon), Mr. Chicas achieved new standards of network security and performance. Mr. Chicas was also the first executive hire at Digital Island (now Savvis), where he was instrumental in creating their first network operations environment. Mr. Chicas’ entrepreneurial experience includes co-founding Hawaii Online's Internet Access Service, the first statewide ISP in Hawaii that was ultimately sold to GST Communications. Mr. Chicas also created, an ISP that served rural communities in the western United States, subsequently acquired by MGC Communications. At MGC, Mr. Chicas designed, procured, and implemented MGC's nationwide Internet service and the industry's first Voice-over-IP-over-DSL service. Mr. Chicas is also the founder and General Partner of Rubicon Media Group, Inc., an Internet publishing concern.
Company Overview
CommPartners is a VoIP facilitator specializing in providing VoIP telephony services and Internet Protocol (“IP”) to Public Switched Telephone Network (“PSTN”) connectivity for service providers and their end-users. We offer turn-key, privately branded VoIP services that can be purchased on an “à la carte” basis, depending upon our customers’ network requirements or existing investments.
Management Team Overview
CommPartners is owned and operated by a team of telecom industry veterans. Our experience ranges from building ISPs from the ground up to introducing one of the country’s first commercial VoIP service offerings in 1998, while simultaneously operating a CLEC. Collectively, the CommPartners management team possesses over 50 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. CommPartners, 'Enabling the VOIP Promise'.
CommPartners, 3291 N. Buffalo DriveSuite 3, Las Vegas, NV 89129. Phone: (702) 367-VOIP (8647). General email: David S. Clark, President"

Gary Newsome

Story Update
August 18, 2007

Weatherman approves of using Weatherman SCORE channel for non-emergency, personal communications. According to an internet announcement by Patrick Chicas, the Weatherman Channel is now wide-open for personal use.

Patrick J. Chicas admits, in public, he uses the Weatherman Channel during races. From his public posting of August 15, 2007 and its approved by Weatherman himself:
""my posting of passing times at Ojos Negros at the Baja 500, communications that Bob Steinberger (Weatherman) acknowledged and recorded and a protocol that Bob and I discussed at contingency the day prior"".

The communications mentioned by Chicas in the old thread were not allowed by the radio rules, nor the accepted radio activity on the Weatherman Channel at that time and no changes have ever been made public by Weatherman or SCORE. Calling to Weatherman with times or calling out times has never been accepted on that Weatherman Channel. Unless, there are rules for the general public and OTHER rules. Chicas said, "call our times on the Weatherman channel". Now verified by Chicas himself.

Baja Racing News published this original EDITORIAL on December 2, 2006. Since then, we received NO DENIAL from "Baja Blackie", who was originally identified. Baja Blackie, is well known as Patrick J. Chicas. In the off-road racing community, anyone messing with the WEATHERMAN CHANNEL (a radio communication channel and radio relay service) is considered a "Richard Cranium". This EDITORIAL clearly identified Baja Blackie using the WEATHERMAN CHANNEL for his own personal purposes. Possibly threatening the safety of desert off-road racers who may need critical communications from the Weatherman dispatching medical emergency services and other critical safety services. The services are provided for the off-road racing community during SCORE races, SCORE International races in Mexico and the United States.

Photo: Patrick J. Chicas, AKA: PJC, Baja Blackie, El Jefe, but well known as "the Richard Cranium of Weatherman Channel" fame. Lives and works in Las Vegas Nevada. Also known for driving the wrong way on race courses throughout the southwest and Mexico.

Who WAS Patrick J. Chicas?

""Advanstar Acquires

April 20, 2005

Advanstar Communications Inc. Acquires,
the Leading Consumer Web Site for the Off-Road Industry - Advanstar Communications Inc., a leading worldwide publishing,tradeshow and marketing services company, announces that it has acquired the ( web site from Rubicon Media Group, Inc. The acquisition of further strengthens Advanstar's growing position in the off-road, powersports and automotive aftermarket industries. was founded by Dean Waters and Patrick Chicas in 1995, and quickly grew to be the dominant website in the off-road and motorsports sector. It retains a solid position in the top 25 worldwide web motorsports sites as measured by Nielsen Net Ratings and boasts an average 625,000 unique visitors and 5 million page views every month. As the leading web site for off-road enthusiasts, provides comprehensive race coverage, quick and easy access to category specific information, and more than 100,000 pages of searchable content that is indexed by leading search engines across the globe. is where off-road enthusiasts go to find anything and everything about off-road motorsports, off-road motorized recreation and the off-road community. Dean Waters will join Advanstar and serve as the Managing Editor of the site, and Dean's wife, Pattie Waters will join Advanstar as Customer Relations Manager. Also moving over to Advanstar is John Biddle, the Advertising Sales Account Manager. Dean Waters commented, "I am very excited about the opportunity to work with Advanstar. Their vast resources and commitment to the off-road market will certainly propel to the next level, and beyond." Under the direction of Jim Ryan, Group Director and Publisher, Advanstar launched the Off-Road Group in 2004 with three new media products that exclusively serve the vibrant off-road market, including DIRTsports, a consumer publication targeted towards the off-road motorsports segment, Off-Road Retailer, a trade publication targeted towards the business of the off-road market, and Off-Road Impact Trade Show & Conference. " is a household name and one of the most recognized brands in the off-road community. The addition of to our portfolio creates additional benefits for our advertisers including newsletters, sponsorship opportunities, web advertising and membership programs, and further demonstrates our commitment to the off-road marketplace with an enhanced ability to deliver the best and most cost-efficient methods of connecting our customers with their customers." Mike Webster, Vice President & Director of Business Development of Advanstar's Off-Road Group stated, "Advanstar now simply offers the complete off-road package - advertisers and sponsors can reach buyers on the web, in print or at our leading events. Enthusiasts can get everything they need - race coverage, technical information, personality profiles, the hottest photography, chat rooms and expert analysis - from Advanstar's off-road portfolio. The addition of to our portfolio, combined with our strong Powersports and Auto Aftermarket magazines and shows means that we now provide sellers with access to more that 1.5 million high-spending vehicle consumers and trade buyers." About Advanstar's Off-Road Group DIRTsports, Off-Road Retailer and Off-Road Impact Trade Show & Conference are a triad of products produced by Advanstar Communications' Off-Road Group. Off-Road Retailer trade publication targets 14,000 off- oad dealers, distributors and fabricators; sister product, DIRTsports is a consumer magazine serving more than 90,000 off-road motorsports enthusiasts and is the official publication of CORR, UROC, NMRO and Best-in-the-Desert and is published in association with SCORE International. Off-Road Impact Trade Show & Conference gives the off-road nation a place to convene to share new technologies and techniques with a nationwide audience of retailers, resellers, buyers and manufacturers About Advanstar's Powersports Group The Powersports Group is the largest producer of trade shows and conventions for the powersports industry worldwide including the Dealernews International Powersports Dealer Expo, Big Twin West, Big Twin East, Dirt Expo and the Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows® Presented by Toyota Trucks. It also publishes the leading trade publication Dealernews magazine, as well as event-associated consumer publications Powersports Magazine and Sturgis Guide. About Advanstar Communications, Inc.
Based in New York City, Advanstar Communications Inc.( is a worldwide business information company serving specialized markets with high quality information resources and integrated marketing solutions. Advanstar has 77 business magazines, 19 directories, 7 electronic publications, 54 tradeshows and 40 conferences, numerous Web sites, and a wide range of print and electronic direct marketing, database and reference products and services. Advanstar serves targeted market sectors including the automotive, beauty, e-learning, call center, digital media, entertainment/ marketing, healthcare, fashion & apparel, pharmaceuticals, powersports, science, telecommunications and travel/ hospitality industries. The Company has roughly 1,500 employees and currently operates from multiple offices in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.""

Here is the Original EDITORIAL from December 2, 2006. "Baja Blackie is a race safety hazard".

The following is a piece of information that some racers would read over and think, who cares?! Well, there are some real idiots running around, both on the web and on the race course, who claim authority on Baja Mexico information and racing information.

From the relic, cob-webbed, ego based discussion board this information proves how important verified information gets dissed and discarded by people who have no business doing so. Except for their massive egos, they have no business in the Baja race business. Not commentary, nothing. Because they themselves are safety problems and they may not even know it!

Proof: "Baja Blackie", actually admits using the "Weatherman" channel for his personal use, when in an emergency in that area or during regular race operations, would jepordize any contact to the situation by the authority to help, the Weatherman.

The character to note here (Baja Blackie) not only disses important, verified relative race information in this thread, first made public in his (BajaBrad) post, describing Simpsons at the 2005 Baja 500. But, also admits being a safety hazard on the race course by using the Weatherman channel for his own personal use!

In RED will be [commentary by Baja Racing News] and on the right the original posts.

The original thread, the original start post::

BajaBrad:: Just heard a report from our race team running the course, score has the race running backwards into Mikes Skyranch, with numerous wrecks and serious injuries, broken bones, resulting.

Anyone with a direct story?
I'll have something after I get back from the race

Sals response, "thats offroad racing!" yeah thats SCORE offroad racing! "The Most NOTORIOUS and DANGEROUS offroad racing in the world". quote from the cover page. aint that the truth.


Baja Blackie
:: [Here Blackie starts his dis of Brads info]

Re: Baja 500 crisis to Mikes Fri, 27 May 2005 16:03

Keep the "BS Platform" to a minimum 'till you have facts.

Hint: The people on this board, by and very large have deep respect for Sal Fish and we (I in particular) will not tolerate half assed, half baked attempts at gaining attention on his back.

And clue #2: The race is next weekend, you dolt!

Mexicali:: [Mexicali supports the dis, sucks up to Blackie]

Baja Brad
:: [Brad responds to the dis]:

Baja Blackie wrote on Fri, 27 May 2005 13:03

Keep the "BS Platform" to a minimum 'till you have facts.

Hint: The people on this board, by and very large have deep respect for Sal Fish and we (I in pasrtiuclar) will not tolerate half assed, half baked attempts at gaining attention on his back.

And clue #2: The race is next weekend, you dolt!

Baja Brad::

The information came from a source at SCORE.

Hint: The teams are preRunning.

Re: clue #2, thats Mr. Dolt to you. headspin


Not so fast Blackie! Maybe the bradster has traveled forward in time and is reporting from the future! Liar WTF thud headspin buttkick

BajaBrad:: [Brad responds]

Re: Baja 500 crisis to Mikes Fri, 27 May 2005 20:40

mexicali wrote on Fri, 27 May 2005 13:54

Liar Not so fast Blackie! Maybe the bradster has traveled forward in time and is reporting from the future! Liar WTF thud headspin buttkick

Did my post say the race is this weekend? P R E R U N N I N G

I'm on my way down now, will return in a week and a half.

Are you guys off your meds? roflmao

Baja Blackie::: [Blackie continues his dis]
el maestro

Re: Baja 500 crisis to Mikes Fri, 27 May 2005 21:00
Keep the "Inflamatory BS Platform" to a minimum 'till you have facts.
Clue #3 The race changes course and direction often.
Racing Girlfriend posts here and establishes Baja Brads info is CORRECT!
Racin Girlfriend::

Re: Baja 500 crisis to Mikes Sat, 28 May 2005 00:09
Well, it's true. The course is going the opposite way from it's "normal" direction through Mike's. My man is already there and pre-ran that section today (and will thru next week). He said it's a little tough, very rocky & a little tricky. He said after only 3 trucks drove through, the terrain has already changed. I'm sure by race day it will be completely different.

Re: Baja 500 crisis to Mikes Sat, 28 May 2005 11:25
Baja Blackie::


Best of luck to 3X! It will be a great race. And welcome to our family!

We'll be keeping score and will call our times on the Weatherman channel unless there is a "code red" on the channel at the time.
The plan is to score the following classes (1-4) through our locale.""END OF ORIGINAL BOARD POSTING

Unbelievable but true! Baja Blackie admits here, he uses the Weatherman channel for his own personal BS. Hey Blackie, GET OFF THE WEATHERMANS CHANNEL, 'Richard Cranium'! You are a race safety hazard!!!

UPDATED. The original postings have been washed off the website in question.