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Monday, January 15, 2007

SCORE rules hammer offroad racers and teams

"Motorcycle and ATV classes must install the Rally Logger on rear fender - NO EXCEPTIONS!"

The Honda A and Honda B teams have mounted theirs in various locations,
including next to the radiator or next to the motor. There has been some
argument whether heat from the motor or radiator can render the Logger

What's important is that every motorcycle team should request the Rally Logger data for every race and analyze it themselves. Since the Rally Loggers were introduced for bikes in the 2005 Baja 500, we have had 2 races where the Loggers were flawed and there were huge gaps in the data (we have always mounted ours on the rear fender). If the Logger is flawed, that is not the responsibility of the racer - it is Rally Track. If there is no data to be analyzed, that is Rally Track's responsibility. Do you think Rally Track is going to TELL you that you have missing data in your file?

We believe if all Score moto racers were to get together and find these "gaps" in Score races since we started using them in 2005, we could hold Score and Rally Track fully accountable for a defective product. That is why I am a staunch supporter of the live IriTrack system that BITD and Dakar Rally use.

As far as why Honda mounted theirs where they did, draw your own conclusions. Up until now, they just had to be mounted "on the bike."

Spec Fuel a mandated in 2008

"As some of you are aware, I recently announced that SCORE
would be establishing a spec fuel program.
Since I have not yet chosen a supplier, this letter is
meant to clarify what will be happening and when.
I have been under a great deal of pressure
from the environmentalists in Baja California and the
Southwestern US to get the lead out of race fuels and
desert racing.
As many of you have no doubt heard, NASCAR has made the
switch to all unleaded fuels as of their second race
of the 2007 season as a result of the health and
environmental issues surrounding leaded race fuels.
This is a real threat to the long-term viability of
off-road racing. SCORE is the preeminent off road
racing sanctioning body and must show leadership
in this area.

I have requested bids from fuel supplier’s asking them
to offer SCORE a program that includes a proven unleaded
race fuel to meet this goal.In addition,
I am requiring that the selected supplier guarantee
competitive pricing,which SCORE will monitor.
I am also requiring that the selected company provide
technical advice to racers and complimentary testing
fuel to any legitimate engine
builder soon after I announce the
winning bid on March 1st, 2007.
The spec fuel program will not take
effect until January 1st, 2008.
There will be no exceptions to
fuel use after that date.
All racers will be expected to comply
with the spec fuel chosen by SCORE.

I appreciate your concerns and support in this
difficult process.Our sport has grown in popularity
and we can no longer ‘fly under the radar’
of the rest of the world. I need your support
to show the world that off road racers
care about the delicate desert environment
in which we race. I thank you all in advance
for that support!


Sal Fish, CEO"