Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Off Road Desert Baja Racing in Mexico

The Most Notorious and Dangerous Racing In The World! The Baja 250 and more updating stories.

The Baja 250 2007 has turned out to be what Baja Racing is all about. Official intrigue, crazy Federales pulling out automatic weapons and hot desert racing trucks and drivers. SCORE is in bad shape after shoving the fans at Laughlin, shoving the other Trophy Truck drivers in the final standings of the 250 and blowing the San Felipe venue for 2007.

For the amount of money it costs the average racer to race in a SCORE race in Mexico, more needs to be done to justify the expense. Like security. If racers are forced to race in Baja NORTE, in Ensenada, more needs to be done to ensure more security for the racers. The fans also need some security assistance, but, if the local authorities don't take this seriously, they will lose the $$$ from the events. Just like they have lost the average American tourist $ that used to come to Baja. No more. No mas. Average Joe American doesn't go to Mexico anymore, they were warned years ago, now, no mas.

The Mexico races should never be taken for granted and the race fans of Mexico and the United States deserve better performances from both SCORE and the police with guns. Mark should have never been treated like he was and all of desert racing should salute the Terribles family who kept it together this weekend. If I were a Herbst, I would be asking myself if it's worth it, racing in Baja NORTE.

Also a salute to Alan, Mr. Hawaii, who could have really made a mess of things. Read on into our stories, Travis Coyne started a new business this weekend. Special awards to Jesse Jones, winning the Baja 250 'Fishing Tournament' and Mark Post for winning the 'Mr. Bad-Ass' awards from us at Baja Racing News LIVE!

We will stay on top of these developing stories,
Gary Newsome