Friday, August 17, 2007

Baja 1000 in Tijuana! Otay through Popotla cutoff shortcut to Ensenada

Tijuana is figuring in bigtime for this Falls Baja 1000, November 2007, racing from Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas. Tijuana will host some of the Baja 1000 festivities, making travel through Tijuana a possible disaster. In particular when the "dogs and ponies" of SCORE are forced to 'parade' from Tijuana to the city of the true start of the race, Ensenada.

Want to beat the crowds, save some money and get'r'done?

Try using the Otay crossing-Popotla cutoff. The cutoff starts at the Otay crossing. At all hours of the day and night and it takes less than 40 minutes from Popotla to being in line at the Otay crossing, going south to north. The same run takes about 30 minutes at 6 am. It does not cost a toll. No tolls! The drive from the Otay crossing to 805 is 8 minutes. With a SENTRI lane that is seldom busy and non-SENTRI lines less 1/2 the size of San Ysidro crossing. Special note
the far left lane splits into 2-3 lanes.

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