Monday, August 06, 2007

It's Started! West Coast Off Road Race pukes Baja Racing EDITORIAL

Photo Credit: Ryan "CRAP" Cropley - DA mad dog

By: Gary Newsome

UPDATE! Saturday, August 11, 2007

Baja Racing News has received no denials regarding this EDITORIAL. Another inside Baja Racing News source breaks news. Do you have a Baja Racing story to tell? Do you have inside information about off-road racing?

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C'mon 1600's race at Primm at years end. No need going to that bad MDR Dash race.
MDR gets boned in the process. Last years Dash and all the trash talking after the race, from the spoiled 1600 whiners who got BEAT, now are being proded to take their money and racing to Primm. And, reportedly, with Cam Steele getting a cut of the take. A piece of the hotel, bar and gaming proceeds.

The Scaronis are also saying 'No Mas Dash'. They dont need a cut of the take, they have all those friendly guest workers cutting lettuce.

Well, we told you so. West coast off road racing will never be the same. As long as there are rooms to be filled in PRIMM Nevada and a cut of the take to be made, every offroad race event COULD take place in Primm.

And the Pied Piper of the lobotomized off road community, Cam Steele has started the freefall. Heres the proof. Here's PABS thread starter " New Years 1600 race at Primm!", posted by (Cameron Steele) on the 'non-profit website', ""Hey *** familia(?) the buggy dorks are working with the Herbst and all involved at Primm to bring ya a real whiz bang of an event.

More to come but this much I know.....multiple races with multiple drivers and way more fun than you can handle. The Tree Bar will never be the same.

V Town boys will be head over heals and a team format could see Rob Mac and the Freedoggers taking on Poptart and Cheater who will be up against the Boyers and then Phankutch and Ashcraft and that other McMillin guy and the Champ Gaddis against Geer and Folts with some Sammy and LJ getting crazy! The real Cheater Steven Eugino and bad *** Gumz clash again on the infield? Who will reign supreme? Maybe a Bekki Wik sighting will be made and by the way the Herbsts have some 1600 cars too! Oh man there goes the neighborhood!..............Hendrickson out of self imposed retirement G Wallace in the house. Even Kash and Hardesty are claiming an appearance.

Let's hear it boys and girls ya ready to tango?

I know RDCers won't believe it but Robby Gordon has 1600 history! Had to throw in some RG to really get this thread going......wait....hold on.....what if RG and Rob Mac went head to head................arghhhhhhhhhhhh my head is going to blow!

Spread the word, like last year it will be a roll call of people throwing into the pot, looking for sponsors and we will pile on the love of those that support the best in 1600!

This would be a perfect spot for the Tavo Protruck vs. Pinkie battle!

For more info PM Glamis Girly she did it all and we all owe her! Or you can call Cheaters cell phone""

Lets all follow Cam Steele to Primm.