Friday, October 05, 2007

40 Years To Glory Review


Volkswagon announced last night, up to $40,000 for the Baja 1000 in VW contingency and $9,000 in Class 11 alone. For the 2008 SCORE season, VW announced a $100,000 payout! VW powered qualification. VW also presented Sal Fish a new and upgraded Touareg2. SCORE emblems, the works. Very Nice! They also displayed a concept off road vehicle, more later.

BFGoodrich announced a ten year sponsorship deal with SCORE, to the 50th Anniversary of the Baja 1000.



Marty Fiolka is to be commended for his dedication and work to those who won't be around for the 50th Baja 1000, to give them the spotlight they so richly deserve. Attending the the event at the Peterson some years ago, without Marty we believe this needed spotlight on the people, family and industry of off road would not be happening. We hope more would volunteer and sponsor such events. Who else would stand up to do the work?

Marty, thanks for being a stand-up guy. Baja Racing News wishes to clarify our respect and admiration for this event and your work.

Yes, it was way late and the multi-media sucked but the true believers who accept anything off-road, liked the show and lots of people got medallions. The Pioneers, Media, Photographers, Ladies(?), Bike Racers, Innovators, Crossovers and Icons. Dave Despain and Paul Page did well in their Baja translations. Despain and Page were incredible really, their personal take on Baja racing is needed. More stories need to be put into print, more images need to presented, not for the money but, for the people who want a part of the action who can't be there.

Excellent, that many people who made things happen in the desert racing, the Baja Racing form, 40 Years To Glory noting 40 years of the Baja 1000, received a well deserved, thank you.

The show spotlighted the stories, people and larger interests celebrating off road racing in Baja, Mexico, Baja Racing.