Tuesday, October 02, 2007

SCORE out of touch


Again, CORR mandates H & N Restraints.
Adrian Cenni's life was saved over the weekend at the CORR race in Chula Vista Sunday, by his D-Cel. See the pictures HERE.

Original Editorial

"It's just one of those things that happened". Sal Fish talking about the Eric Morales (115) death at Primm.

Does it take a federal investigation into this event to get SCORE to understand the seriousness of NOT mandating Head and Neck Restraints? CORR mandates Head and Neck Restraints.

"That's the tail wagging the dog", Fish mentioning the emails demanding SCORE action on the H&N restraint issue. The racers call on the sanctioning body for change and its the tail wagging the dog? Out of touch.

Real sporting organizations have long ago made the moves.

22 February, 2006 - SCCA Club Racing Passes Resolution to Board - The Sports Car Club of America announced that its Club Racing Board passed a resolution that, effective in November 2006, "The use of a head and neck restraint device is highly recommended. All head and neck restraint devices must be certified by the SFI Foundation.

29 December, 2005 - NASA Lists Approved H&N Restraints, Warns of Coming Mandate - The National Auto Sport Association has released its 2006 Club Codes and Regulations, including the statement that, "It is expected that use of a head and neck restraint system or device, meeting SFI 38.1 will may become mandatory for all road race series as soon as of July 1st , 2006". Until such time that this requirement goes into effect, NASA reminds its racers that, "Neck injuries can be severe and long lasting, and can occur even in the minor collisions".

15 December, 2005 - BMW CCA Mandates Use of Head and Neck Restraints - BMW CCA Club Racing has made use of head and neck restraints mandatory effective 1 April, 2006. The move makes BMW Club the first amateur US racing organization to require the use of H&N systems

21 October, 2002- NASCAR

A full-fledged crash investigation was done on Dale Earnhardt’s fatal wreck and the final report was released in August. Behind it came the initial mandates from NASCAR about its future in regards to safety. Beginning with the 2002 season, all cars in the top three NASCAR divisions would carry crash data recorders, the “black box” designed to measure impact loads and other data useful in compiling a database for future engineering fixes.

In October, NASCAR shocked the world by mandating the use of head-and-neck restraints for drivers in its Winston Cup, Busch and Craftsman Truck series, beginning at the Oct. 21 EA Sports 500 at Talladega Superspeedway. In years past, NASCAR had not even required the use of helmets and firesuits by participants, merely recommended they be used.

“NASCAR has worked closely with safety experts, drivers and manufacturers to address issues that led some drivers to feel that these devices might make them less safe,” said NASCAR Senior Vice-President George Pyne when the announcement was made. “NASCAR’s decision making drivers’ side windows wider and our educational seminars for drivers have created greater comfort with using these devices. The willingness of the manufacturers to work with drivers in addressing potential drawbacks and explaining benefits also has allayed drivers’ concerns.”

You know something is wrong when amateur car associations mandate them and Sals off road entertainment does not even say a word! That's worse than the WWE, at least they have rules about steroids! Its just a matter of time when more racers are injured or killed, then the Feds break down the door.

SCORE hasn't issued a word about H & N restraint issues. Ed Herbst, Marty Coyne and many others, are examples of who have already been injured. Who else will join the list of the injured?

Photo of the 115 after the fatal accident.

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