Sunday, October 21, 2007

Baja 1000 Medical Emergency Preparedness

Your rig is broken, you've somehow broken a bone(s) and you feel as though you are moments away from going into shock. Like you are going to pass out and maybe never wake up.

This is when your medical emergency preparedness will make the difference between life and death.

Firstly, an automatic satellite service notifying of your crash would be the best of all worlds. A number of such services are available. Many can't afford such services and many more don't even know about the services because the sanctioning bodies of racing may not promote the service. Contact us Baja Racing at for more information.

Secondly, you must know your teams communications capabilities and be able to rely on them. They must know how to relay the situation to Weatherman, BFG relay, SCORE Ops (Operations) and onto SCORE Medical (Emergency Medical Services).

Thirdly, you have minutes to communicate to someone of your situation. With 75% of all emergency calls coming in from the Weatherman radio net, you have loaded the Weathermans frequency in your radio, you better know Weathermans frequency and you should ensure your radio can do the job to reach Bob and know how that radio net works.

Fourth, lets say you can't reach Weatherman. Your next best shot for help is via the BFG radio relay, get their frequency have it loaded and know how their radio net works.

Fifth, lets say the first four don't work. You must now reach the nearest SCORE checkpoint or Pit Service. You must know where you are and your nearest possible radio relay for help. You must have preloaded all of these frequencies into your radio and have the ability to reach one of them from your location. Ultimately, word must get to SCORE Medical so that they can dispatch assistance to you.

Sixth, this is a long shot, but at times, it works. Preload local emergency frequencies, Red Cross, Federal Highway Police, etc. This network may be your only shot to communicate your situation.

Seventh, you may be forced to relay your situation to a passing racer. Try to communicate this info in writing.

Finally, you should have onboard your rig, emergency gear appropriate for your venture and know how to use them.

At this point we want to salute Rod and the great team at and their dedication to the sport of off road and their work for SCORE International for the Baja 1000 this November. They have stated they will have 13 ground teams, 2 choppers with doctors and one fixed wing, at the ready.

or call 1-702-277-1007.

Please contact them to help prepare yourself for your adventure in the Baja 1000.
Good Luck Teams and God Bless all the medical emergency people for this years race.

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing