Thursday, October 18, 2007

Castrol Team Hitting the Baja 1000

The Lucas Baja Racing Team had a quality run end prematurely in the Las Vegas 300 in Nevada on Saturday, October 6. The team was running at the front of the race when a problem with the front suspension forced an early exit. Rick D. Johnson drove alongside co-driver Eric Place. The team started the race in an excellent position after a second place finish in the qualifying race.

“Our qualifying run was amazing,” said Johnson. “Our continued improvement led to our strongest run in the Trick Truck.” The qualifying finish marked the first time the Castrol Team finished in the top five in the Trick Truck class. “That kind of race is something that really proves our potential,” Place pointed out. “We are making monumental gains at each event.” This is a sport where the attrition rate is commonly around 50% for each event.

“We were running at the front and feeling good about our position,” Place said. “Then we had a real hard landing after one of the many jumps on this course that caused the truck to bottom out real hard.” The front suspension was subsequently damaged which led to the team’s early exit from the event. The Las Vegas 300, a part of the Best in the Desert Series, served as the final tune-up for the 40th Annual Baja 1000 (November 10-16).

The team remains confident heading into the SCORE International premier event, which will cover nearly 1,300 miles traveling from Ensenada to Cabo in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.
“We proved in the qualifying race that we are ready for the challenge of the SCORE Baja 1000,” said Johnson. “And there is still more in our truck and in our team.”

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