Sunday, October 28, 2007

Off Road and the Baja 1000 at SEMA, Baja Racing News LIVE from Vegas!

Biofuel Hummers, Fords, and Other Vehicles Featured at 2007 SEMA Show
Styling & Performance

EcoTrek is set to debut what it calls some of the most incredible "mean and green" automotive designs to visitors during the 2007 SEMA Show. The company's vehicle displays will include a 700-horsepower biodiesel Hummer H2, a Baja-ready biofuel Ford F-250 pickup truck, and other "petrol/gasoline-free" street and off-road vehicles.

All of the EcoTrek vehicles feature accessories made by SEMA member companies that convey a positive environmental message. For example, the vehicles incorporate tires made by Nitto and Toyo that were produced with recycled rubber at low-emissions American factories, as well as products from ProComp and RealWheels that use a new "eco-considerate" chroming process.

EcoTrek will also construct a mini TV studio to interview SEMA members for TV productions that EcoTrek is compiling for the Discovery Network, National Geographic and several Internet broadcast outlets. EcoTrek will also host media representatives from other print and broadcast sources at the SEMA Show.

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