Sunday, October 07, 2007

Off-Road Expo LIVE! Baja Racing News Reports

Gary Newsome reported LIVE from Pomona all weekend.

Peaks Empire and Pit Bull Tires team up to Peak Baja!

"We've never driven in the desert before", said one of the team members in an interview Sunday at the Off Road Expo in Pomona. Never in the desert, never in the Baja and never in Mexico. That explains the Pit bull Tires! They've called rte. 1, "interstate 1".

Lets talk about those tires. They are running bias ply, rock crawlers that are far heavier than the BFG's, Toyo's, Goodyears and the rest that are run in the JeepSpeed class. "We are cutting them to reduce weight", said one of the team members. Last year, when Pit Bull was approached to run in the Baja races, one team told Baja Racing News, Pit Bull Tires did not feel they were ready to take on the competition. This year, with all the publicity, they feel they are ready. For the publicity. They are the same tires.

"Baja Will be Peaked". Its a mountain top term, when you've been to the top of a mountain you've 'peaked it'. This team claims it will win its class, beating far more experienced teams. Equipped with Baja Champion tires. No prior experience, bias ply tires and more time spent online than any other team in their class, Tony Tellier may be right. They don't have a chance to finish. Good Luck Boys.

Check out the pics HERE

Veggie Monsters Run in Baja 1000

A group of diesel engineers, celebrities and two power diesel companies have fielded a 100% biodiesel team to run the Baja 1000 in November. Bosch and Gale Banks representatives were interviewed this weekend at the Off Road Expo for the story.

Three stock truggies, the half truck-half dune buggie Baja type vehicles, will be used as platforms for the effort. Biodiesel proponent and driver of a veggie El Camino Daryl Hannah and Hayden Christensen are in the program as drivers. is also reporting one of the veggie race-truggies is signed up for the CABO 500 in December.

Baja 1000 Map thing at the Off Road Expo

Very anti-climax announcement now at the Pomona Fairgrounds. The map has been known very weeks, a very good rendering was found here at Baja Racing, for months. The only real change is the one from the posted SCORE maps on its website for a couple weeks had the San Quintin section completely wrong SEE THE MAPS HERE:

Baja 1000 Limited Edition Icon

The Baja 1000 off-road burn down that westernmost peninsula is in its 40th year. In honor, Van Nuys-based TLC has rolled out the Baja 1000 Limited Edition Icon. That's the company's repro Toyota Land Cruiser. The company's retro off-roaders start at $84,000, and the Baja edition will cost $145,000 as a turnkey Cruiser. It's powered by a hand-built LS6 V8 producing 450 horsepower, and sports a hand-brushed aluminum body with "black crocodile" trim, TLC coil suspension, five-point harnesses and Racepack instruments. All of that sits on 17-inch BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires, though hardcore off-roaders can get non-street-legal 35-inch Baja meats. And there's more than just an arbitrary connection with the big race; a Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser won its first Baja in 1973. Unveiled Exclusively here on Baja Racing here at the 2007 Off-Road Expo!