Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Speed Parts Hall Of Fame SEMA Baja Racing News LIVE!

The SEMA New Products Award breakfast was the first "official" SEMA event scheduled for opening day of the 40th annual SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Calling this a "true power breakfast," master of ceremonies and official voice of SEMA, Dave McClelland began with festivities with an announcement of new Speed Parts Hall of Fame sponsored by Hot Rod Magazine. McClelland pointed out that when the New Products Award breakfast began, there were only 150 people present. He noted that at today's breakfast there were nearly 1,200 people in attendance and more than 1,500 new products were judged and narrowed down to the 12 category winners.

The first 10 inductees into the Speed Parts Hall of Fame were:
1. 1963 Torq-Thrust wheel from American Racing
2. Hurst 4-speed shifter with flat stick and white cue ball knob
3. Hilborn mechanical fuel injection
4. Auto Meter 5-inch tachometer
5. M&H Racemaster drag racing slicks
6. Bell 500 helmet
7. Crager SS wheels
8. Holley 3310 carburetor
9. Flowmaster chambered muffler
10. Roller cam lifters from Isky

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