Thursday, November 22, 2007

Desert Assasins Baja 1000 video

Desert Assasins 2007 Baja 1000 Report
The 40th annual Baja 1000 was close to a dream race for the #16 Trophy Truck driven by Cameron Steele and Darren Hardesty. At the first major pit of the race, mile 206, the team was firmly in the lead group of Trophy Trucks and unofficially in the top five on time. The same was true at race mile 1170 along the Pacific Ocean with about 100 miles left to finish their quest.
“A combination of nearly 1200 race miles, having to dive straight through the silt at mile 1125 and having to avoid getting stuck by flogging her a little hard dashed our dream run” said driver Cameron Steele “we had a line around the silt at race mile 1175 and it was blocked by locals cars, I took another line I knew and had to get hard on the accelerator and over taxed the motor” continued Steele.

After nearly six hours of repair to get the truck back in the race the team would take their brand new Geiser Bros. truck with trial run Yokohama Tires to the finish line. “Everyone has worked so hard for this 1296 miles of Baja and we were able to deliver a top ten finish” said Steele. “I can’t believe how perfect this truck is to drive” said first time Trophy Truck driver Darren Hardesty “I was able to drive it with confidence like my class ten car and I think there are many wins in this trucks future” continued Hardesty.

“Steve Allen deserves a kiss for the power plant he builds, the Caddy was rockin’ like Dokken all day and any issues were driver induced”. Next up the #16 heads to the Geiser Bros shop to get ready for 2008, the Desert Assassins will release their schedule soon but the main focus will once again be the 2008 desert series and the Baja 1000.

Coming up for Cameron
Primm Nevada Dec 8th to host the 2007 desert series Off Roadsman awards where he has been nominated in the category he won in 2006, desert series Person of the year.
Cameron will be a commentator for two ESPN special events this New Years Eve in Las Vegas Nevada, a car back flip by Rhys Millen and a world record distance jump by Robbie Madison live on ESPN at midnight EST and PST respectively. In a dress?
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