Friday, November 23, 2007

Kylberg Trumpets Finishing Baja 1000 over Dr. McDreamy

Holly Kylberg Beats Dr. McDreamy?

"High-profile socialite Holly Kylberg (she helmed the Denver area Nordstrom opening last month) is just back from the Baja 1000, the famously rugged 1,296-mile off-road race in Mexico. The six-member team included husband Rich Kylberg, Dutch Rehbun, Buzz Wiepking, Matt Autterson and his daughter Madison Autterson. Holly and Madison were two of very few dames in the race.

The good news: Team Kylberg finished in 46 hours, 22 minutes — and that’s more than four hours ahead of Patrick “Dr. McDreamy” Dempsey’s team.

But Holly tells the press it wasn’t uneventful.They had to detour around a helicopter crash that killed two people, one of whom was the boss of a notorious Mexican drug cartel. His body was later stolen from the morgue by armed gunman in a caravan of eight-10 vehicles, later killed two police officers. “What a wild experience,” Holly said.

When Baja Racing got this story our first question was 'Who is Holly?'. But, our real question now is, how much did she spend in her Baja 1000 effort compared to the turnkey sum Dr. McDreamy paid for his performance. It's not like Ms.Kylberg's 'team' is any better of a desert racing pilots than actor Patrick Dempsey 'team'. That's being asserted in the story. But, of course, being a big-mouthed, 'socialite', Holly is throwing around her copius story.

Until Baja Racing receives more relative analysis regarding team classes, total team expenditures and team driving duty schedules for the recent Baja 1000, we just think men are better drivers than women. And this story wouldn't be known unless Ms. Kylberg pumped the press about her 'Baja 1000 performance'. Just another well-to-do yahoo.

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