Thursday, November 22, 2007

Rehn Calls Baja 1000 "Jerry Springer of Off Road"

Scott Rehn of CORR slams SCORE's Baja 1000.

On last nights radio show, "kinda-Totally Off Road", the radio show with no ratings and even lower listenership, so low in fact that no callers or call in questions are the norm, Scott Rehn of CORR, Championship Off Road Racing was playing cleanup as Pete Sohren left early to catch a plane, Scott came on as co-host and dropped the off road bombshell.

The recently finished SCORE Baja 1000 race, Scott Rehn commented, with "all the deaths, robbings and mayhem in Mexico", "it's the Jerry Springer Show of Off Road Racing".

Over six deaths in total now confirmed, numerous serious kidnappings; robberies; police shakedowns; and the very serious pointing of a rifle from a passing vehicle in downtown Ensenada, at RaceStar Andy Mcmillin and his immediate family. So serious, that Andy started an effort to Boycott any more off road racing in Baja, Mexico, until the matter is "handled" by Sal Fish and SCORE. An Andy Mcmillan trailer and Super Duty were stolen at gunpoint from the Chris Hall family. Who were kidnapped and treated like Baja garbage.

Scotts comments came only days after news of Chaser crashes, an infamous chopper crash all took numerous lives and tales of Baja Mexico horror storis are still being compiled, with no response from SCORE.

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing