Friday, November 23, 2007

Ryan Arciero Reports on his Baja 1000 Experience

Ryan Arciero Reports on his Baja 1000:

"We were affected as well on our team. It started with me and a couple of my guys heading down to Ensenada to prerun. We crossed the boarder at about 6:20am, still dark. They pulled us into secondary on the mexican side and I was in the passenger seat. There were two boarder guys on the driver side and one on my side. The guy on my side pulled out his cell phone and was talking to someone. He looked really out of place and was shaking really bad while he was on the phone. As we pulled out I had bad feeling in my gut as we proceeded to head out of town. I told Benny who was driving to follow the speed limit and don't put a wheel out of place. As we made our way up the hill out of TJ and then down the bottom, the road veers right to get on the road that will take you to Ensenada. As soon as we made the veer to the right a cop car pulled right up behind us and put his lights on. It was still dark and no cars in sight. After hearing the stories of the surfers we were not going to stop. It was in the same place. I told Benny to keep driving and get us to the first toll booth because at least there would be people there. He came up next to us light flashing and sirens going off. It was one of the worst feelings all of us ever felt. I told Benny to keep driving, don't look at them and just get us to the toll booth. The cop car had tinted windows, which I thought was strange as well and the passanger window was cracked. He then dropped back and everytime he would make an attempt to come up along side us Benny would pinch him off, still going the speed limit. As we approached the first toll booth he turned his lights off and turned around. Like I said we were all shaking, but more than anything just completely pissed off at the situation. I immediatley called Oscar Ramos and Oscar looked into the situation. I told him that I thought the entire problem is starting at the boarder. They are calling telling them who is coming and what vehicles they are.

We were lucky I think and I will never go through there again in the dark. It seems that most of the problems are taking place either at night or early in the morning. I think it might be a lot harder to do in the day when there are a bunch of people around. Maybe I am wrong but like I said I will never cross again at night.

We also had stuff once again stolen in Ensenada at the Coral Hotel. This is the second time this has happened to us. This is a guard gated place so I really believe it is an inside job. I know it happen to two or three other big name teams as well.

The only other issues were some of the guys on our team heading back got the shake down from the cops for doing nothing.

Sorry for making this so long but had to get it out and didn't have anyway to make it shorter."

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