Thursday, November 22, 2007

Vildolsola Racing Finishes 2nd in Baja 1000

Cabo San Lucas-

Vildosola Racing added another colorful chapter in the team’s history books at the 40th anniversary running of the Baja 1000. Gus and Tavo Vildosola teamed up for the third time this year in SCORE’s premier class, Trophy Truck, and put forth the best finish by a Mexican team ever in the events storied history.

After twelve hundred ninety six miles of the toughest terrain in Baja California and Baja California Sur, twenty-five hours, thirty two minutes and twenty seconds of nonstop action, Vildosola Racing was ten minutes and fifty-five seconds out of the coveted overall prize. “The reason I went from a class one buggy to a Trophy Truck was because it was the class I thought gave me the best chance of one day being the overall champion of the Baja 1000,” stated Gus.

“We were really close this year, we had some problems over the last 330 miles and that made it really difficult to keep pace with the Riviera truck but we are very happy with the progress the team, its drivers and the truck has made over the last couple of years, we feel we are ready to compete now for a long time.” The race came down to three trucks south of San Ignacio, the #38 Trophy Truck was leading, then the #3 Trophy Truck closely followed by our very own #4 Trophy Truck. The battle between Riviera and Vildosola persisted through San Juanico, La Purisima, Loreto and San Javier, over 260 miles where the trucks were no more than four minutes apart.

At RM 960, Vildosola lost the rear brakes and faded to over five minutes behind Rivera, soon after the #4 Trophy Truck suffered a broken rear coil-over spring and made steering the truck a challenge. This allowed the #3 Trophy Truck driven by Post, MacCachren & Renezeder to open up a comfortable lead and retain it all the way to the finish line.“We had a great battle going on with Rob, we knew we could keep pace and just try and finish close enough to beat them on corrected time or wait for them to make a mistake. Unfortunately our luck ran a little dry after San Javier and we had to slow down our pace with no rear brakes, then came a bigger blow when the rear spring broke,” said Tavo. “Overall we are very happy with the way everything ended up, the team did an excellent job, the boys at the shop prepared an excellent truck, and we feel that we are progressing, its my first year driving the Trophy Truck and I just keep getting more and more comfortable in it.

Hopefully this is a preview of things to come next year, we are ready to run a full SCORE season and roll the dice on a class championship.”

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