Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2008 Baja Racing Schedule Announced

The 2008 Baja Racing Schedule was announced today

The first race of the season is the Superstition Plaster City West race, scheduled for February 16. The local race is out on the low desert, just outside of El Centro, it's a great primer for desert racers at the start of the racing season. The beloved original organizer, Fud, will be remembered at the start of this season.

The Baja 250 is back in San Felipe this year! March 14-15. The favorite of Baja racers everywhere, won't have any spring breakers but, it will have what Baja racers want this year, no Ensenada. From the Miramar Bar to the famous whoops, Baja Racing will cover this race, LIVE!

The Alamo 200, a favorite of the locals of Ensenada, Baja Mexico, will run its traditional route near the coastal range of Baja Norte, a fast race, it'll be over in less than six hours. Contingency in downtown Ensenada.

The new Mexicali 500, September 28-30, will run from Mexicali to San Felipe again this year. Contingency in Mexicali on Friday.

The Baja Night Race will run May 18-20. Contingency in Mexicali and the race runs just west of town throughout the dry lake and low desert in the shadow of the sierra's. Warm desert nights and families from all over Baja Mexico, make this a local favorite.

The Baja 500 this year is scheduled for May 30 -June 1. Another Baja Racing LIVE event. Back in Ensenada for the first time for American racers, since all the crime stories of last years, Baja 1000. A loop race located around Ensenada, Baja California, it's becoming well known for its commonplace criminal activity.

The Summer race, Ensenada to San Felipe, a desert race tradition, runs from the Pacific coastal town of Ensenada to the desert outpost of San Felipe, many teams end up running for hours through the coastal sections, mountain passes and the low desert into the Sea of Cortez coastal hamlet San Felipe, at night.

The Baja Gran Prix will be August 1 and 2. The race is located in the pinon mountains, the high country of Baja Mexico. The smuggling ranches of Jacume welcome hundreds of fans and racers between Tecate and La Rumorosa.

Another traditional Ensenada race, the San Vincente 200 in August, the course runs around the agricultural community of San Vincente south of Ensenada, through the coastal ranch country. Lots of open country. Think central California fifty years ago.

The Mexicali 300, September 28-30, runs in the low Colorado Desert outside of the state capital. Still warm from the summer, this race welcomes local racers from the Mexicali Valley. The course is a loop race starting and finishing in Mexicali, Baja Norte.

Back to Ensenada. This years Baja 1000 is a loop race starting and finishing in Ensenada. Covered LIVE by Baja Racing

The third annual CABO 500 is scheduled for November 29-30. This years race is a loop race, starting and finishing on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Baja South.

The San Felipe 275, another Ensenada to San Felipe race, will run in December. From the Pacific coast crossing the Baja peninsula to the desert coast to San Felipe. Contingency in Ensenada on Friday.

The Dezert Cult will crash the dash, one of the longest running Superstition races in the low desert outside of San Diego, California. This race runs near New Years day with local desert fanatics, out in force! The traditional season finisher for years.

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2008 Baja Racing Series

Plaster City West Feb 16
Baja 250 March 14-15 LIVE EVENT Third Anniversary
Alamo 200 March 23-25
Mexicali 500 May 30-31
Baja Night Race May 18-20
Baja 500 M30-J1 LIVE EVENT
Ensenada-SF 250 June 22-24
Baja Gran Prix August 3-4
San Vincente 200 Aug 24-25
Mexicali 300 Sept 28-30
Baja 1000 Nov 19-22 LIVE EVENT
CABO 500 Nov 29-30
San Felipe 275 Dec
Dezert Cult Raid Dec 30-31