Saturday, December 08, 2007



Rumors are flying around La Paz today that say, one of the local promoters may pull the rug on the racers and require them to finish one more race in the series. Welcome to Baja Sur Racing!
One of the Jeffries Team members told Baja Racing, "that's why we race with Pro Baja Group, we were tired of the bad promoters".
Norman Cesena, has been quoted in these rumors, as wanting one more race to bring the Association racers into one more race, on December 15 to a track race in San Jose del Cabo, that would force the U-Pro or Association racers into an additional series race, to goin their rightful winnings for the year. Of course, the racers arer steaming over these rumors.
Early this morning, the rumor was denied by his website mouthpiece, but the racers are worried. Many have been seriously manipulated for years by promoter Cesena.

Ruffo Racing Ready To Win

For more than 14 years, Ruffo Racing has been winning at motorsports in southern Baja. Andres Ruffo is a proven desert racer with many wins under his belt and his finely tuned racing team is ready to win on Sunday.

With a new Porter desert racers Class 1, Ruffo Team can take Sundays race, we will follow their progress closely. See more about the Baja Champion Ruffo Team at

Gary Newsome

Baja Racing