Sunday, August 17, 2008

Barry Blue Loser - DTA Racing Posers

By: Gary Newsome

UPDATED! February 22, 2009

Barry Blue of Carlsbad, continues his hatred of the local police department. His families business and their residences are all in Carlsbad, California. Here is Barrys view of the local police department:

"All I have to say is that the Carlsbad Police Department simply don't do their jobs, who goes to a house to repo a supposed stolen car and release it the same day to the accuser with no evidence and no investigation. Carlsbad PD has also been know to "help their own" so maybe if this guy really is a cop, then it was just a buddy buddy deal and took his word for it, which is BS...I say Christian you call Internal Affairs for Carlsbad and the Dept. he works at, and explain to them what happened. You gotta do something man, 17k is alot of dough and this guy is laughing his way to the bank thinking he got away with it. And now trying to sell the car."

UPDATE October 19, 2008
At the Superstition 250 at Plaster City, Barry Blue, DTA, Chevy F-Face ate it. Too much rig, not enough driver, post that big DNF pal.
F-Face spews, "Ya...shitty weekend. 3 laps, went from 6th to 3rd, physically. Handed it off to Peterbuilt (aka. Peaches), goin a little to fast and he loaded up and went over. AJ's work held up though, we'll see more when we tear it apart, but, it looks like we got a broken spindle, 1 axle (i might have done that during the race??), body, tie rod mount, bent rear link mounts, and a couple slightly bent roof tubes, but the good thing is that my 2 buddies are safe after cartwheeling a cl 1 @ 75".

UPDATE September 16, 2008

From Barry Blue Losers Myspace: "Sometimes its not that you win... its just that the other guy loses worse." Male, 23 years old, Carlsbad , California."

Pictured: Loser Barry Blue

After a hate filled myspace page and website were closed down, it was revealed Barry Blue added content to the sites. He posted pictures of himself and text. If you are sensitive to disturbing content, please DO NOT read on.

Barry posted homophobic oriented text, violence oriented threats and a very strange statement: "I personally have been scammed/ripped off". No scam or rip-off happened, it's been two years and no official or unofficial (BBB) papers have been filed in relation to Barry Blues comment. L-O-S-E-R.

SUMMARY: Barry Blue and his family of Carlsbad should be avoided at all costs. Beware, their property in Carlsbad California is a known problem to the local Chamber of Commerce. Many, many problems. If you have any contact whatsoever with these complete losers, file a complaint with the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. Keep a copy of the Carlsbad Police Department phone number handy.

January 22, 2008

The official response from Barry Blue after being called out for being a liar, no-talent by BRN, no denial, Barry Blue eMailed this to us: "Hey thanks for the publicity, just got me like 20 hits on my site, and a sponsor op.. Good Work!!!".

The Original Story:

Wasn't Barry Blue the guy that said someone messed with his engine at a Terribles Race in Las Vegas and that was the reason that Barry Blue didn't go back onto the track? Barry, get a grip! If your motor takes a crap on you and you blame it on a race promotor from Cabo Mexico, that's a Britney Spears move, 5150 dude. Keep posting that stuff, it gives us at Baja Racing a job!

Barry, AKA, his chosen online username is 'chevyfuckface', promotes himself as being the youngest Class 1 driver, while not mentioning the teams only win came when Barry was not driving the Class 1 in the Baja Gran Prix. His newly named, DTA Racing Team pushes themselves as a serious team. When in reality, its Barry, Mom and Dad and whatever monkeys are willing to be volunteer deckhands.

Video of "DTA Racing 'Testing' at Plaster City"
Barry Blue did the video editing

Barry Blue is quoted as saying, "Ocean Palms Resort is a sponsor of mine". Truthfuly, Ocean Palms is owned by Barry Blue, Sr. Jr.'s dad. Jr. is a 'manager' at the resort. A small, family owned and operated joint that the local Chamber of Commerce has received enough complaints about, that, when questioned about the status of the resort, the chamber suggests leaving a written complaint with the consumer protection-business practices organization.

DTA Racing is not found in the race records of any desert racing organization. But, Barry Blue (Jr.) are. One race application, from 2006, shows the team name of 'Blues Brothers Racing', with the resorts address as the teams address. In 2006, the 'Blues Brothers' were out looking for sponsors. "It won't break", Barry and his co-driver would say of their recently purchased Baja Motorsports built Class 1 rated, Truggy. Suprisingly, they proceeded to make adjustments on the rig with plumbers wrenches. At the time, they said they needed a tool sponsor, among others.

From his most recent Sponsor House page, "Monday, February 19, 2007, Currently 21st out of 43 after the first race of the season in Class 1 in SCORE. We started 41st and moved up 16 places between Saturday and Sunday heats. We had overheating problems but did not break which caused us to slow down, now the problems are solved and we are ready for the San Felipe 250 on March 9th. We are starting 11th out of 39 in San Felipe. Look for the Baja Motorsports / DTA RACING / Ocean Palms Beach Resort Truggy #111...".

In the results section of the site, for Barry Blue.
"1/18/2007 Laughlin Desert Challenge-SCORE-Class 1, 21 out of 43
07/27/2006 Terribles Cup Results, Class 1 / 5th
08/10/2005 Baja Gran Prix-CODE-Class 1 / 1st".
The 2005 win in Jacume is a good win. Yes, CODE is a tiny series and the Class 1 field is non-existant, but, it's a win. Now, against a southern Baja field of Class 1's or SCORE or BITD, that's another story. But, if DTA Racing is for fun and just faking the 'serious race team', running a CODE or Superstition race, could produce some results in '08. Any series position for this team, is not in the cards.

The character issue. Barry Blue Jr. has publicly lied about his role in a 2006 Mexico race. Now, this may be a common tactic in So-Cal desert racing, to lie and bad mouth an experience that didn't lead to Baja glory or his decision not to race, such bull-shit is an obvious exposure that this team is not a serious racing team. They are well to do, posers. This is family fun racing, not, real racing.

He claimed he did not start the race because he was unsatisfied with the prerun done with Matt Carter. The reality, racing in a Mexican race against Mexicans in Mexico is for real teams, not lightweights. He backed out because Barry Blues team, realized what they were taking on. He also claimed he was 'scammed' out of his entry fee. A scam in so-cal, is when something doesn't go your way and the easy way out, is to say its a 'scam'. The race organizer in Mexico receipted the money and would not refund the entry fee. The Mexican race organizer gets 100% of the entry monies and they have a no-refund policy. Whhaaa!

Don't feel bad Barry Jr., even Nick Baldwin backed out of racing that race. And many more teams would rather dis the race, than race and risk everything, only for Baja Glory. In a word, badass. Heck, look what's happening now with all Baja racing, the weak are withering away.

Barry has turned out to be one of the biggest whiners, not one of the sports noted drivers, as is scammed by their own publicity. "He's nothing but a spoiled nontalent", said a recent race promoter. On a recent trip to Cabo, Mexico, to pre-run the 2006 CABO 500, Barry Blue ended up not driving much of the racecourse. Matt Carter, the guy that pre-ran Barry Blue for the CABO 500 2006, said of Barry's driving, "Jeff, the co-dog is a much better pilot, Barry could'nt drive if his life depended on it". "Jeff drove the Baja Gran Prix win in 2005".