Monday, May 26, 2008

Herbst will NOT race Baja '08 Possibly NOT '09!

From the Las Vegas Review Journal-

"The days of open-desert racing might be coming to an end. Lawless marauders in Mexico are keeping many Americans from traveling to races along the famed Baja California peninsula. The most successful open-desert defectors this year -- at least for one season -- are brothers Troy, Tim and Ed Herbst. They have traded their championship SCORE Trophy Trucks and Class 1 buggy for three trucks that compete in CORR's premier Pro 4 division for 800-horsepower, four-wheel-drive trucks.

"We tried (CORR) last year and really started to like it," Ed Herbst said. "We felt if we were going to be good, we had to concentrate on one series." Herbst said his family's biggest concern with SCORE was traveling to race in Mexico, where security issues have surfaced.

"We're building three Trophy Trucks and thought about trying the Baja 1000 (in November), but we'll probably wait until next year," he said. "Maybe it will be safer then. But we'll never completely retire from open-desert racing."

Baja Racing News First Reported these developments four months ago, in January '08.

Our original report:

Pistol Pete Sohren reported today, that he spoke with the Herbst racing family today and Troy Herbst wants to focus on CORR for 2008.

Pete also quoted the Herbst racing family saying, "Herbst will not run any SCORE races other than the Baja 1000 and Baja 500". "Not only will they not run any other races than the 500 & 1000, they will not even race their own named race in Las Vegas!".

Gary Newsome