Saturday, January 05, 2008

Insiders Baja Racing News Report, by Gabriel Garcia

EXCLUSIVE to Baja Racing

Gabriel Garcia

From Ensenada, Baja California Norte

A Baja Racer continues on

Sergio Vega has demonstrated for more than 20 years, that he is made up of strong racing stock. The Mexican moto rider in Baja racing, that in spite of not counting on as much sponsorship or support as the great equipment teams like Honda or KTM, but its category there this.

The "KP" trains for each event that participates as if it was a Baja 1000, with much dedication, as much in the physical aspect, like in the mental thing, added to many hours of route in the zones that will be on board of its motorcycle. Lamentably for Vega, all the opportunities did not transpire, like new American equipment. Since American quality equipment was a goal the team sought for years. But, the equipment that been sought, has escaped Vega, he declared being a proud Mexican, the new generations that are total Off-Road, always seek racing success.

The latest which I knew is that Sergio would be part of the Peninsular ones in racing series 2008 of Score International next to Gerald Rojas and David Ruvalcaba, I hope that there is not change of plans, since with that alignment and fitting errors that occurred in the last season, they will be fighting very surely the racing crown in Class 30. Not by anything, always I have thought that Sergio Vega is one of the three best Mexican motorcyclists in the history of the Baja racing, their merits speak in case single and its future still continues harvesting many successes.

We will dedicate the season in memory of our passed racing friends. For days back it has been speaking on the telephone with Núñez Marks, that was absent like passed pilot in Baja 1000 to be sad by the death of Erik Moral, but now, the situation is different.

Núñez told me that from December all the elements have been working very strong in the factory of Ensenada off road for which we will be seeking good racing results, in the 14th edition of the Desert Challenge of Laughlin, since the racing campaign 2008 will be dedicated to the memory of "Moralitos". Surely it will be seen him the Kiosko equipment be in the racing efforts of Class 5-1600, covering all racing performances of his friend who went ahead in the trip, as he said, Núñez Marks, "Goes by you Moralitos". Happy Trails Buddy.

2008 SCORE racing much more complicated

The 2007 were a special racing year for Score International, since they celebrated 40 years of the Baja 1000, they counted on new sponsors and racers as Volkswagen and the number of inscriptions went on the rise, in all its events, but everything went South, literally, after all the criminal stories were made public.

Sal Fish and SCORE had many bad incidents, like the number of people who were killed in the races. Off road is a sport that has risk, but in the last years racing season many teams were confused by the lack of attention of the organizers of SCORE races and the lack of interest from the local authorities.

This Baja racing season will be very complicated for SCORE, with many teams that do not think they will make it to baja for racing from the reports of widespread crime fear, many international racers do not want to travel to Baja Norte, Mexico, so that is why the 2008 race season will be a test for Sal Fish, depending in good part on his efforts.

EXCLUSIVE to Baja Racing