Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ProBaja, State Racing Association Invites Racers

Baja Racing from La Paz:

ProBaja, State Racing Association is inviting racers to southern Baja this year with a new website and greater cooperation with the racers and the southern Baja race scheduled for May 2-4, starting in La Paz, Baja Sur.

Russ Schnieber President, CEO, ProBaja webmaster said, "CABO 500 and ProBaja are working together, they are very closely working" "more closely than known" on the May 2-4 desert off-road race which the invitations will go out soon for the international racers.

"In November 14-16, they are planning a great closing of the season with the "CABO 500" route that will start in Cabo and that will finish there same in a spectacular closing of desert racing season." The combined efforts of the racing association throughout the 2008 season will provide greater benefits to the racers and fanatics of off road racing in southern Baja, Mexico. "CABO 500 pre-runs are scheduled every month, from January through November this year". Stated on the CABO 500 website, supporting the 2008 Baja Sur off-road race schedule.
See the CABO website for details on international racers privateer support for 2008.
See the new website at