Friday, January 25, 2008

VIZCAINO 200 February 23-25 Baja South



Clase 8
Tiempo1 Lugar David Rojas Sotres 1:52:22

Clase 7
1 Lugar Efrain Vazquez 1:30:502 Lugar Carlos Nene Ibarra 1:36:003 Lugar Jair Futema 1:39:39

Clase 91
Lugar Jose Luis Pepe Dueñas 1:37:032 Lugar Jose Luis Nava 1:48:373 Lugar Ricardo Vazquez 2:37:45

Clase 5/1600
1 Lugar Carlos Cazarez 1:43:282 Lugar Saul Bastidas 3:11:10Motos

Clase 22
Tiempo1 Lugar Alberto Ruiz El Kch3 1:21:302 Lugar Pedro Ibarra De La Toba 1:23:193 Lugar Mario Luis Ojeda 1:23:49

Clase 211
Lugar Dagoberto Lopez Aguilar 1:34:482 Lugar Julio Velazques 1:36:373 Lugar Patricio Murillo Aguilar 1:42:28Atv´s Pro1 Lugar Javier Villavicencio "el Chinea" 1:33:362 Lugar Erick Cota 1:36:043 Lugar Samuel Angeles 1:51:51Atv´s Novatos1 Lugar Jose Antonio Cisneros Cruz 2:00:512 Lugar Manfreth Flores Fuerte 2:04:44


"Vizcaíno Desert Racing Club" Invites you to participate in the NEW race "Vizcaíno 200" for cars and motos off road, which wil be carried out days 23 and 24 of February of 2008.
Saturday the 23rd, a mechanical review will be made and exhibition of the vehicles and Sunday will be raceday; this race will leave back from the track of motocross located at Villa Alberto Alvarado A. With a route by local roads and ones by ejidos, Gustavo Diaz Ordaz and stop at Benito Juárez.
The Start for the motos will be to the 10:00 a.m., the exit order will be according to a previous drawing and every 30 seconds consecutively. The Start for the vehicles will be to the 11:00 a.m., and similarly it will be according to the class and by means of a drawing, with 30 seconds of difference. The race was carried out under the following rules: For the cars categories will be opened according to is required. The amount of the inscriptions Saturday 23 decided. For the motos of 2 wheels there will be 2 classes, 21 and 22 and for atv`s have two classes, novices and pro. For the motos 2 wheels and atv`s an inscription of 500 pesos was received.
Trophies will be given to the three first places of each category. Inscriptions to first and the second place of each one of the categories divided of following way 70% for first place and 30% for the second place. If he is minor it will have to present/display a permission of the parents. At the time of inscriptions, a map with the established route, will be given to you. The route has been marked since Sunday, the 20th of January.

Contact Baja Safari Mexico Club for details at 619-251-9486.