Friday, February 22, 2008

Drunk Pirate Lance Clifford reports from Johnson Valley

Drunk Pirate Lance Clifford reports today from Johnson Valley.

With blowing sand, sideways rain at the start and an excited group of racers the results are just in today from the desert near Dagget, California. Campbell Enterprises takes first and second place at the first annual King of the Hammers in Lucerne Valley. Shannon Campbell started 43rd out of 44 vehicles entered in this race and he was the first vehicle across the finishline. Campbell's team had to change a flat and weld a suspension link bracket but still captured the overall win!!
Teammate Casey Currie finished second, 7 minutes behind Campbell. Currie had Shannon's brother Nick Campbell in the right seat with him leading him thru the rocks.

Today, Lance reports that 'Totally' tried to keep the race radio equipment dry today. Not from the rain,"No Beer by the machinery!" And another racer who broke down this afternoon before the finish, clearly had his attention on something other than racing, "I have a gallon of Tequila in the trailer". All of the race drama center stories from Lance, the Drunk Pirate, will be reporting form all the desert races this year, courtesy of Baja Racing Totally!


1. KING - Shannon Campbell
2. Casey Currie
3. Rick Mooneyham
4. Doug Bigelow
5. Brett Porter
6. Joachim Schwiesow
7. Richard Gauthier
8. Dean Bulloch
9. Jack Adams
10. Eric Anderson
11. Drew Burroughs
12. John James
13. Hobie Smith
14. Roger Lovell
15. JR Reynolds
16. Nicole Johnson
17. Eric Holder
18. Jack Graeff
19. Scott Ellinger
20. Ian Plaine
21. Chris Geiger
22. Craig Thompson
23. Tom Wayes
24. Jeff Mello

Drunk Pirate Lance Clifford

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