Thursday, February 14, 2008

Eric Chase begs SCORE for a security blanket. Security continues control the Baja race situation

Baja Champion Class 1 Team Member Eric Chase Begs

After a racer comments, "How about WE arrange caravans, it's our responsibility to get places safely right? My boss does not care how I get to work, he is however concerned that I get there safely. We as racers need to realize that its not Sals fault Mex is the way it is, i'm sure he has his hands full just putting on the races as he does, maybe we should "pitch in" and look out for each other, maybe another service offered by Baja Pits or Locos or somthing like that?"

Eric Chase pipes up, "I agree. We all know Mex is having some problems right now. For those of us who are still going to race down south we could do a better job taking care of each other. For example, organize drive times for groups to and from the race. No one should drive alone right now and be easy pickings. We should also prerun in numbers. How long till the bad guys decide to hide out in a bush and grab one of these bad ass prerunners? I'm sure there a ton of things we could do as a group to make it harder for the bad guys. Maybe if we were not such an easy target they would go find someone else to F with?"

Ask the pits guys to organize security? Many of the pits guys are wildly famous for their alcohol intake during Mexico trips! Ever heard the comments from a famous desert racer, "The pits guys? Just a reason for a bunch of drunk Mexicans to go camping! Desert off-road racing peeps trying to assure itself of safety and security in Mexico!

The government of Baja Norte and SCORE International continue to count their money and NOT provide any assurances for racers racing in Baja Mexico in 2008. A security expert in San Diego responded to this story, "Maybe they aren't, because they CAN'T?"