Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ivan Stewarts Protruck Series 2008 Schedule

The Protruck
The Ultimate Racetruck Created By Ivan Stewart

The Protruck is a cost efficient, durable "spec truck" designed with the latest technology. These trucks are designed as a dual purpose, low cost racing vehicle. It works both as a short course and a long course high speed racer. Based on a full size utility vehicle, the Protruck is a full blown, space frame constructed, high performance race truck, disguised under a stock appearing body. The trucks race in a limited class, meaning that all of the trucks are built the same, using all of the same components with the exception of the body style and engine.
Protruck Performance
The Protruck has state of the art suspension with adequate wheel travel to traverse the toughest off-road racing conditions. With 21 inches of front wheel travel and 24 plus inches in the rear, these vehicles are in the same category as the current, fastest racing vehicles. Due to the space frame construction of these vehicles, along with their fiberglass bodies, the power to weight ratio makes them a very high performance off-road race truck.

Choice of Protruck Engines
This class is designed to run small block V-8's. The engine has to be series produced in quantities of at least 5000 units within a 12 month period, and be readily available to the public in the U.S.A. The maximum engine size allowed in this class is 360 CI, with a maximum compression ratio of 9.5:1. At this time you have your choice of Ford, Dodge, Chevy, GMC and Toyota.

Protruck Bodies Gotta Look Stock
The bodies are based on full size trucks and the make of the body must correspond with the type of engine you install. The appearance of the trucks is "stock". It's very important that the vehicles look just like the one's that the manufacturers sell. The production of the bodies is closely controlled in order to maintain this stock appearance. They're made totally of fiberglass in order to maintain a low cost.

Protruck Keeps Your Costs Down.
Because these vehicles are limited race trucks, their cost is closely controlled. Due to the fact that all of these trucks are running the same components, parts are tooled so as to produce interchangeable parts - inexpensively.


[Protruck is widely accepted as the serious desert racers spec series. All others are considered recreational hobbies. For more information contact the good people at Protruck]

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing