Thursday, February 14, 2008

jim holthus torr takes a $G from CORR

Anonymous Posts:
"last year, for one of the CORR races it was the chula vista race CORR championship offroad racing was told by totally offroad radio they would be live from the race. we counted on them live that day at the race we brought our radio just for that
after setting up with pistol pete, we watched em they did some kinda show with some intervews and they had some equipment set up. that maybe they had a recording of? but they didnt do the show live like they told CORR. there was nothing on 1000 AM, we were pissed!
later the pr company in san diego found out the show wasnt live like torr totally offroad radio promised. some how jim holthus, the owner of the show got paid a thousand dollars for what was told to fans and CORR as live, but wasnt. we had our radio that weekend at the races and were pissed the show wasnt on-lame. not even on his site
i looked even for the recording of the show on the website and it wasnt there, i call bullshit on torr and holthus!"
>"holthus radio show ripping off the fans and corr!?!?
guys at the racing news grow up! this kind of stuff is what offroad racin is all about, at least with the little guys who want to be big-he is probly scratching to make ends meet and the grand was an easy steal from corr-jim holthus head is buried so far up scotts ass the only thing of jim you can see is his flip-flops, did you hear him at laughlin without pete-bad. he also talks over everybody who we want to hear"
"jim holthus is a douche his picture in the dictionary under douche!!!!
look at his myspace-in vino veritas drm makr-lmao!!!! without pistol that nots a show its a crash, torr show sucks, give the show to pistol"
"thanks baja racing news for the comments going live! you guys have been great getting out stories on off road racing before anyone, we've been following the race events ever since the 2005 san felipe 250 live on your site, thanks!"
"holthus is a san diego north county x-real estate agent, thats says it all! lmao"