Friday, February 08, 2008

Speed Technologies Reports from the BITD Parker


Speed Technologies, one of the nations largest and foremost off-road racing teams, competed February 2nd in the Parker 425. The team entered four cars in the three lap race and veteran racer Chuck Dempsey brought the HMS Avenger across the finish line taking 21st in his class. Out of the 321 race entries only 140 crossed the finish line.
The race proved to be a challenge for Dempsey when his shifting mechanism broke, the throttle stuck and his alternator went out—but with the help of the Speed Technologies highly experienced pit crews, fellow racer Jeff McKenzie of McKenzie Motorsports and Herman Motorsports—he was able to get the car back on the course and finish out the race.
“The beginning of the race was tough, but with the help of fellow drivers and team members we were able to get the car back on the track and complete this tough course.” said Dempsey
Speed Technologies entered a total of four cars in the race; The Dominator driven by John Harrah, the Jimco Class 1 V6 Car driven by Mark Levrett and Johnny Harrah, the Jimco Class 10 driven by Brian Folks and the HMS Avenger driven by Chuck Dempsey.
The Dominator broke its axle on the first lap, but John Harrah and his 14 year-old daughter and co-driver Kody Harrah knuckled down and changed the broken part bringing the car back to the main pit. They were unable to finish competing due to race regulations.
“I love Parker and I loved racing in Parker, but sometimes luck just isn’t on your side,” said John Harrah. “The best part of the entire race for me was watching my daughter, Kody, up to her arms in grease and dirt while she helped me change the axle on the Dominator.”
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