Wednesday, March 19, 2008

All German Motorsports Rocks Baja 250 San Felipe

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All German Motorsports; North San Diego County

We won 1st in class and 4th overall!

The race was a blast and a great 1st win in the Class 1 car for the team. We did 3rd place in the last SF 250 so we knew with a clean race we could do it. Prerun was a long ordeal as we were also shooting the RTL (German) TV Special at the same time. Things were so much simpler back when, but hey, the coverage and increased support from European sponsors is a great thing.

We did the bottom twice and the top three times. Anyways, the race started and Armin & Bryan had the start. They did a good job moving up (holding their place) in the field. Several other cars were really making time up but we had a "finish to win it" race plan. Martin & I got in the car at RM 122 and figured out the suspension was very much used up as was just about every other racers at that point.

Anyways, we had enough to keep going so we just started making the charge; #103 was out changing a flat at the beginning of Matomi. Then #100 was sideways on the course at about RM152; we drove through some cacti to avoid hitting them (the co-driver was guiding people around) so for the next 3 miles we had a cactus pulling party. Entering Azufre we heard Vildosola was 8 seconds behind us. Exiting Azufre Canyon, we were behind a Quad that had zero common sense. This guy drove for 2000+ meters without looking behind him; I broke the horn because this guy was so damn oblivious.

Anyways, we got the end of the straight away and Vildosola took us in the deep whoops. Past a few bikes through the day and besides that one quad everyone else was considerate. Through Huatamote Canyon we heard #107 was closing on us; we were going the speed we could and still keep the car in one piece and luckily is was just enough as we finished with a 12 second gap between us. Our pits and radio comms were great and we had some new folks helping us down in the Matomi Canyon which was really a cool thing.

Hit the awards ceremony and then packed up the trailers and headed for the border. Got to Mexicali border crossing at about 5 p.m (PDT) and got across 4 hours later. Back home and in bed 1 a.m.; then up and back to work. Now we have to get ready for the 500. See All German Motorsports at:
Good Luck Guys!

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