Thursday, March 06, 2008

Andrea Tomba totals ATR Truck Race Crashes Baja Sur

Baja Sur Blows Chunks with five destroyed race trucks at race
At the recent race in Baja South, Andrea Tomba blew his season by reportedly turning over his Explorer, when he totalled his trashed Explorer. Two more former American race trucks, destroyed in Mexico, by Pacenos.
Atr racing crash story

The report from the team: "Andrea was driving down a narrow straight away at around 85MPH, when it seems that the steering reducer broke, and they lost the control of the vehicle, flipping very hard and several times into the banks, first sideways before gathering inertia to continue end over end. As proof of the great fabrication of Banda Jr. Race Shop the cage remained intact and driver and co-driver were intact, however the truck suffered unrepairable damage. The chassis broke front and rear, broke the transmission, pushed engine into the cab, broke the front coilovers, both fuel intakes were ripped off, and a LOT of bent tubing."

Another report: "Just outside El Rufugio, there was head problems with the Ford race motor, the Class 8 Explorer slowed to a crawl and Tomba started partying with the locals weatching the race, thinking he was out. The problem was fixed after x beers and on a straight section at great speed, Tomba at 80 miles an hour, turned upside down, a very bad wreck, the truck wasted. Tomba and his co-driver, not hurt. But, it was obvious after the motor problems, Andrea was drunk when the crash hit him."
The former Class 1 Steve Barry rig was also destroyed, the frame bent to hell and totalled motor and tranny. These were two notable destructions out of five reported bad crashes. With Tom Bradley out of the race season, the race teams in southern Baja are running out.
From La Paz:
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