Monday, March 24, 2008

Baja Racing Radio Report on ESPN 800

ESPN 800 AM & RPM Today, the Motorsports Voice of Southern California, hosted Baja Racing Radio Report
The ESPN 800 radio show has been on-air for over three years. The many motorsports venues presented by the ESPN 800 AM show, also promoted the first LIVE television reports from the Championship Off Road Racing track at Chula Vista.
The ESPN 800 radio show also, was the first to broadcast LIVE from the Chula Vista track on radio. 800 AM. The show is also streamed LIVE over the World Wide Web and can be reached via
The many archived radio shows, which include many Baja Racing reports, including a LIVE call-in report from the SCORE TECATE San Felipe 250, in Baja Mexico last weekend, the morning after the race. As an example of the many off-road call-ins over the last year, Steve Myers of International Racing Consultants, called in to the show last year after the first SNORE race, his company worked for the series as the mandated race safety-tracking service provider.
Bob Hynes of RLH Communications also was interviewed last year about his radio business and history of radio communications in off-road motorsports in Baja California, Mexico.

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