Tuesday, February 12, 2008

LIVE! Now From San Felipe 250 in Baja Mexico

Riviera Racing and over two hundred desert off-road racing teams are preparing for battle on Saturday, March 15 and technical inspections and the race truck parade known as contingency on the Malecon, "Seaside Street", on Friday, March 14. Offroad racing fans from all over North America are gathering on the Sea of Cortez today, pre-running the course and setting up race operations to win the 22nd Annual Baja 250.

Also known as the San Felipe 250, the desert off road race in Mexico usually results in the death of fans, racers or bystanders from the lack of safety awareness at offroad racing events in Mexico.

Baja Racing News.com has released PreRunning stories on Riviera Racing, desert testing videos from Desert Dog Racing, online videos form the 2006 and 2005 San Felipe 250 races and some around town videos, showing the touristic adventures, south of the border.

Baja Racing News.com