Sunday, March 23, 2008

SCHAMPA San Felipe 250 Baja Race Report

Three Schampa sponsored drivers made it to the top 10 at last weekend’s SCORE San Felipe 250 race. The Schampa motorcycle team headed up by racing veteran Lyman Scherer took 5th in class. With riding support from Al Corte and Joe Ortega, the team finished the 232 mile race in 7 hours with no problems.

“Pistol” Pete Sohren in the #2 Schampa Trophy Truck also a pulled a top 10 as the 10th finisher in Trophy Truck. Starting first off the line, Pistol charged through the course but lost a tire shortly after zoo road putting him down several positions. Pistol’s navigator and co-rider jumped into action replacing the tire putting Pistol back in the race. He gained positions again but was brought down when some unknown metal debris seized the oil pump. The crew took apart the pump, removed the debris and Pistol once again got back into the race with no other problems. Pistol brought the truck to the finish line in 5 hours and 51 minutes. Out of 17 trophy trucks that started the race, only 13 went on to finish. Pistol’s 10th place finish puts him in the best spot for the Baja 500 drawing in May.
Josh Rigsby in the Schampa Class 1 drove a flawless race. Rigsby started 14th off the line and kept his pace. Rigsby took his time bringing the car into race mile 161 where Steve Ewers was waiting to get into the car. Rigsby stopped once on the course to check out a possible problem, but was back on the gas. Ewers brought the car home earning the team a 7th place finish. With both Rigsby and Ewers sharing the driving duties, they were able to get the race done in just 5 hours. Attrition was the key to this race, drive smart and let everyone else in front drop out with problems.

Also, finishing 2nd was Honda rider Steve Hengeveld. Hengeveld wears the Schampa thermals while he rides had a few problems bringing his bike to the finish line. Co-riding with Mikey Childress, they lost the exhaust at mile 100. Hengeveld says he “cruised” the bike into the finish line. “You never give up, You never know what will happen” says Hengeveld.

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