Saturday, March 22, 2008

Speed Technologies Celebrates San Felipe 250


Dempsey/ Levrett Took the Unlimited Class 1 Car to 9th, While Wallis/Thissen/Underwood Celebrate 7th and Knight/Toomey/Kite Celebrate 9th in the Open Pro Class on Motorcycles

The Speed Technologies team had plenty to celebrate this past weekend during the 22nd running of the Tecate Score San Felipe 250, with three top ten finishes. First time Speed Technology Motorcycle team riders Cody Wallis, Adam Thissen and Robert Underwood took home 7th place in the Open Pro motorcycle class and their teammates Cody Knight, Ryan Toomey and Martin Kite took 9th. Chuck Dempsey and Mark Levrett finished 7th in the Class 1 car -- giving the Speed Technologies team three top ten finishes.
"This wasn't an easy race for us, but both our bike guys and Class 1 drivers are some of the best in the business and they managed to push through this harsh course and come out in the top ten," said team owner John Harrah.
Chuck Dempsey, along with co-driver Patrick Pena, drove the first part of the course with no problems and managed to push the HMS Avenger toward the front of the pack. They handed the car over to Mark Levrett and co-driver JJ Johnson at mile marker 93 where the duo took over to tackle the final leg of the grueling course. A few miles into the second leg the motor quit running, fortunately the team quickly discovered an electronic relay had fallen out that controls the onboard engine computer---once it was fixed the car fired right up and again the team was back on race course, only now about 25 minutes behind the leaders.
" We had an engine relay problem along with a few other typical race issues that cost us a bit of valuable time, but we were able to stay focused and we still came out with a great finish,” said driver Mark Levrett.“ “The strength of our team and our drive to win gets stronger with every race we attend."
Not to be outdone the Speed Technologies Motorcycle Team welcomed all of their riders across the finish line – with a 7th and 9th place finish.
"This race felt really good and everything really fell into place," said Cody Wallis. "We've never been to Baja before and we weren't sure what to expect---but with plenty of pre-running of the course and the support of our Speed Technology team members we were ready to race and confident that we could overcome the challenge of the Baja."
Speed Technologies will be competing in the 2008 Terrible's "250" at Primm, Nev. April 17th-19th. For more information on Speed Technologies please visit