Monday, April 28, 2008

Above The Law whips the lame Desert People

Sinister Films directed and produced 2007 off road racing film, Riviera Racing's "ABOVE The Law" WON the most pretigious title in off road racing films, the Xtremey Award, Sunday night. Director / Producer Jimmy Lee Cook captured the full season of Riviera Racing's 2007 SCORE Season Championship in high-definition using a variety of camera systems. Full story with the WINNING Baja Racing coming soon. Check out the video clip at

The Desert People piece that tried everything this year to stuff the ballot box and failed. The Desert People have already claimed NEXT years voting will break the "tie" in everyone having at least one Xtremey award. Only thing is, the Riviera Racing "Above The Law" was a much better video. With the Desert People version 6 or seven now, these pieces seem to get more watered down each version, each new one, lamer than the last.

Baja Racing