Monday, April 14, 2008

Steve Bourgeois, Welcome to the Devils Circus!

Anonymous Posts:

"Steve Bourgeois is Baja Pussy after the Chris Parker bullshit, seve so weak that he bans people who want a substantive discussion.
He pulls everything out his arse-
Baja Seve is Baja Pussy"

Another: "Steve/Seve is a Trump Sucker!"

CLICK HERE to see the ripoffs Bourgeois is up to now! Steve Bourgeois ***scammer warning***

Another: "the navy should know about this scammer"

"time to expose seve for what he is, out'n'out ego maniac"

Another: "Free Chris Parker, Free Chris Parker, Free Chris Parker!!!"

Another: "So 'Baja Seve', how often do you blow Patrick Chicas? or doesn't everyone know, you are his bitch."

Another: "that dude portarys himself as the all knowing all seeing xnavy moto, when in reality, he's a suck-off pussy -steve bourgeois of san diego you are owned"

Another: "the chris parker thing isnt a surprise. steve cant get over himself long enough to let someone else with a brain talk and expose steve-seve, as the blowhard he is"