Monday, May 05, 2008

Team Amaya take WILD WILD WEST Free For All!

Team Amaya and Amaya Jr. have taken First Place at the 15th Annual Wild Wild West taken place Saturday at La Paz, Baja South, Mexico

A record 215 racers, with 169 trucks & buggies, 46 motos, motrcycles and quads! Congratulations to Team Murillo, Club La Paz, AEABCS, PROBAJA, ASMAC and the National Championship Series of Mexico!

In the Unlimited Truck division, known in the States as Trophy or Trick Truck, Team Amaya was First, Team Abaroa was Second and Team Pantoja placed Third.

Race results LOADING NOW>>>

Baja Trophy Truck
1.-Rudy Amaya Jr. Overall and Record Time!
2.-Team Abaroa
3.-Team Pantoja
4.-Gonzalez y Gastelum
5.-Team Monroy

Class 1
1.-Team Jeffries
2.-Team Sinaloa
3.-Team Velazques
4.-Team Guitron

Class 8
1.-Team Amaya Sr.
2.-Tom Bradley
3.-Team Burns

Class 12
1.-Team Cervantes
2.-Team Villagomez
3.-Team Molina 1204
4.-Team Arriazola
6.-Team Rodolfo Carrillo

Class 1600
1.-Victor Barreda
2.-Team Balmaceda
3.-Team Chamarra
4.-Samy Araiza
6.-Roberto Sandoval

Class 7
1.-Carlos Ramos (Balilla)
2.-Andres Bataglia
3.-Team Cambac
4.-Team Pazguato (Francisco Chavez)

Class 5-1600
1.- Juan Carlos Islas
2.- 595 Juan Carlos Islas
3.- 1685 Team Azulito