Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baja Safari Club Announces Free Emergency Medical Coordination for Baja Mexico Travellers

Mexico Club offers Free Medical Emergency Evacuation Coordination to public

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico-

World famous Baja Safari Mexico Club announced today in Los Cabos Mexico, it is now offering free medical emergency evacuation coordination services to the general public, at no charge to those requiring assistance.

Janice Gilmore, club spokesperson said, "International travellers in Baja Mexico, now a strong friend to call with an emergency". "Baja Safari has over one-hundred years of combined experience in coordinating emergency response in Mexico". "All emergenicies can be assisted by Baja Safari Mexico Club, international travellers have a strong friend in Mexico". The service is available by calling 619-251-9486.

From the press release:

Free medical emergency evacuation coordination now available to the general public not just our Baja Safari Members. When your emergency call is received, ONLY BAJA SAFARI MEXICO CLUB OFFERS FREE IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE, immediate assistance for anyone needing help while experiencing a medical emergency in Mexico! Coordinating the emergency transport of you or your loved ones. Bilingual staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED! We coordinate complete services that you specify and keep them in constant contact throughout your medical emergency. With over thirty years of experience, we have the essential contacts at local hospitals and key rescue personnel throughout Mexico. In addition, we will coordinate the transport with key medical personnel in the United States to evacuate you in a critical emergency. One call does it all 619-251-9486. Baja Safari Mexico Club

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