Monday, June 23, 2008

Fly Joins Baja Racing News! Famous Fly Speaks

The Famous Motorsports commentator has joined Baja Racing

Now here's the Fly! On the new regular section, "Free Fly".
"Fly is FREE!!!! First, I want to thank Baja Racing for giving me a regular column here on the exploding, Baja Racing has shown me their hit numbers and folks, the blasting Baja Racing hit numbers are nuts! I think what's happening is internet sports readers ( and hard-core off-road fans) are tired of wasting their time on the ass-kissers on message boards. What I'll do here on Baja Racing News, is talk about those characters I've come to know and give some insight on what & why the Baja off-road people are spouting a line. Most of the time, the talk is to kiss up or make like they know something, which they may.
On Claus and Kurtis. They banned me for only one reason, they sell DVD's in Mexico. Period. How's your tax status in Mexico Claus, Kurtis? They sell DVD's to Mexicans. They have asses to kiss too! Keep selling those shit DVD's and we'll rap with the fans of off-road for real.
And Craig, keep your head down 'cause I can shoot to thrill from Baja Racing News!"
Scott, "Free Fly"